80219A- Financials I in Dynamics AX 2012 2012

80219A- Financials I in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

  1. bsdinsight
    Chapter 1: General Ledger Setup
    • Set up Currencies and Exchange Rates
    • Create Periods in a new fiscal year
    • Create Date intervals
    • Create, modify, and delete reason codes
    • Create a Dimension Value
    • Create a Dimension Focus
    • Set up allocation rules
    • Contrast the various allocation methods

    Chapter 2: Chart of Accounts and Ledger Setup
    • Create, edit, close, or delete Ledger Account Categories
    • Create a new account in the Chart of Accounts (COA)
    • Set up Account Allocation Terms
    • Set up System Accounts
    • View inquiries and reports related to the Chart of Accounts

    Chapter 3: Journal Setup
    • Set up journal names
    • Set up journal controls
    • Create journal texts
    • Set up balance control accounts
    • Set up General Ledger parameters

    Chapter 4: General Ledger Daily Procedures
    • Create General Ledger Journals
    • Enter General Ledger Transactions
    • Post multiple journals
    • Create Approval Journals
    • Demonstrate data needed to create an Approval journal
    • Create a voucher template
    • Create and retrieve periodic journals
    • General Ledger Transaction Reversal
    • Create General Ledger reversing entries
    • Inquire and Report on Daily Journal Transactions

    Chapter 5: Sales Tax Setup
    • Provide an overview on sales tax
    • Create Ledger Posting Groups
    • Create Sales Tax Authorities
    • Create Sales Tax Settlement Periods
    • Create Sales Tax Codes
    • Create Sales Tax Codes Intervals
    • Create Sales Tax Groups
    • Set up Sales tax jurisdictions
    • Create Sales Tax Transactions
    • Create Sales Tax Exempt Data
    • Calculate and Post Withholding Sales Tax

    Chapter 6: Financial Features
    • Create, modify, and delete reason codes
    • Describe how and when to use the Fill utility

    Chapter 7: Bank Management Setup
    • Set up bank transaction types
    • Set up bank transaction groups
    • Set up bank parameters
    • Set up payment purpose codes
    • Set up bank groups
    • Create a bank account
    • Define the check layout for a bank account

    Chapter 8: Bank Management Daily Procedures
    • Create checks
    • Delete checks
    • Create a bank deposit entry
    • Void checks
    • Create a refund that prints out a check
    • Use bank remittances
    • Reverse a posted check payment
    • Reconcile bank statements

    Chapter 9: Accounts Payable Setup
    • Create a payment schedule
    • Create terms of payment
    • Create a payment day
    • Set up a cash discount
    • Create a payment fee
    • Create a method of payment
    • Set up vendor groups
    • Set up posting profiles
    • Create a new vendor

    Chapter 10: Accounts Payable Daily Procedures
    • Explain the different invoice journals
    • Register an invoice journal
    • Approve an invoice register journal
    • Create an invoice excluding posting
    • Create an invoice journal
    • Use a voucher template to create vouchers
    • Create a payment proposal
    • Run a payment proposal for a marked settlement
    • Create a payment journal
    • Generate a payment
    • Describe invoice matching
    • Edit open transactions
    • Reverse a closed transaction
    • Define print management settings

    Chapter 11: Accounts Receivable Setup
    • Create a payment schedule
    • Create terms of payment
    • Create a payment day
    • Set up a cash discount
    • Create a payment fee
    • Create a method of payment
    • Set up customer groups
    • Set up posting profiles
    • Create a new customer

    Chapter 12: Accounts Receivable Daily Procedures
    • Create a Free Text Invoice
    • Edit an Open Free Text Invoice
    • Create a Payment Proposal
    • Mark customer transactions for Settlement
    • Create a Payment Journal
    • Edit Open Transactions
    • Place an Accounts Receivable transaction on hold
    • Reverse a Settlement
    • Reimburse a Customer
    • Describe Reason codes in Accounts Receivable
    • List the activities that you can control with print management settings
    • Examine print management setup