Insight Alert 1.0

Instant Alert for Dynamics CRM

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    Insight Alerts helps you to get new activities and information from your Dynamics CRM as new contact, new order, modify quotation,... or and activities as you need. Insight Alerts is throught Dynamcis workflow that you can define any activities and also message to alert.

    Features Overvview
    • Flexible and powerful syntax for generating custom alert message with embeddable event in Dynamics CRM Workflow
    • Build-in in all of Dynamics CRM, and Popup screens.
    • Push alert system lets you get meesage automatically
    • Define type of alerts in Information, Critical, or Warning
    • Available for all of entiries (system or custom) in Dynamics CRM
    • Alerts are clickable link to open transaction without pop-up screen
    • Users can define content of the alert message
    • Flexible on multiple recipients by person, role, or team

    Benefit of Insight Alert

    • Go deeper that Insight Alert lets a just-in-time to get your interested transations exactly, and helps deepest control activities at your business with your customer in marketing, sale, and customer care
    • Manage it all that lets you manage and organize all transactions from your business with dynamics view by date, type, and by person.
    • Keep ahead and Stay focused that lets you keep right information and that helps you to keep ahead and focused into best benefit for your business and your customer
    • Save time which helps you to easy to open the transaction on-fly into the message alert
    • Alert anywhere, any time as you receive and access to alert meesage in Outlook Client, Browser, and Mobile

    Buy full license
    Email to me to get quotation and buy full license for Insight Alert

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  1. Emma
    Version: 1.0
    Just download, easy intall and use - thanks for your addoon. It works fine on CRM Workgroup.
  2. John White
    John White
    Version: 1.0
    Thanks for add-on and good job!