Tableau Server 9.3

Share, collaborate and make data-driven decisions.

  1. bsdinsight

    The future of enterprise business intelligence.
    Tableau Server is browser- and mobile-based insight anyone can use. Publish dashboards with Tableau Desktop and share them throughout your organization. It’s easy to set up and even easier to run. Empower your business to find answers in minutes, not months. It’s an IT dream come true. Read what analysts have to say about Tableau.

    Share, collaborate and make data-driven decisions.
    Empower your entire organization with live interactive dashboards in a web browser or mobile device. Embed dashboards in company portals across your business. Comment on dashboards to share your findings. Subscribe and get regular updates.

    Answers, whenever you need them.
    Whether you’re at your desk or in a meeting, answer unexpected questions as they happen. Filter data, drill down or add entirely new data to answer to your analysis. Edit any existing view, on the web. And do it all with Tableau’s blazing fast data engine so you get your answer when you ask it.

    Provide responsible access to your data.
    Publish shared data connections from Tableau Desktop. Define data sources, add metadata, and author entirely new calculations and data fields for everyone to use. Do it all—securely—and with visual permission settings to manage data access. Download a free trial and try it for yourself.