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13 Signs You Need Construction Management Software

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    And, if you’re already using construction management software, do you have the right solution?

    Few in the construction industry would argue with the statement that capital projects are becoming more complex. This is due to several factors, including advances in construction and engineering methods, an increasingly sophisticated workforce, rising labor and materials costs, and higher expectations of built assets.

    Project teams are larger, crossing a broader range of different organizations that need to share project information and processes in a controlled environment. As a result, project risk is higher and more difficult to manage.

    There is more project information to process than ever before. More documents and drawings. More multi-dimensional models, with BIM gaining momentum around the world. More RFIs and other communications between project team members.

    With the proliferation of project data, workflows and other processes require more rigorous management. The ripple effect of errors can have project-wide consequences, impacting delivery schedules, budgets and margins.

    Do You Have Control of Your Construction Projects?
    Here are 13 indicators to help you assess your current level of project c
    1. RFIs take several weeks and sometimes months to process through to closure.
    2. Design reviews also drag out because clashes aren’t detected and resolved right away.
    3. The project team is working with documents that are incomplete, inaccurate or out of date.
    4. The project team misses critical emails and fails to respond in time – or at all.
    5. You have limited or no visibility of what the project team is doing.
    6. Project workflows are breaking down, and you don’t find out until deadlines are missed.
    7. Field inspections lead to an endless paper chase as issues remain unresolved.
    8. The handover of operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals is a mad scramble at the end of each project.
    9. You can’t find the project information you need when you need it.
    10. You’re missing key milestones in project schedules and aren’t sure why.
    11. You’re incurring additional project costs and running over budget and aren’t sure why.
    12. Your built assets have quality and operational issues.
    13. Overall, your projects have more excuses and conflicts than on-time deliverables.
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