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Discussion in 'Microsoft Dynamics 365' started by Shams, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. Shams

    Shams New Member

    Hello all

    When a user search Accounts from the My Accounts view, the result is from All Accounts, and not on from My Accounts only. Can it be controlled that when you search from My Accounts, only My Accounts is displayed. And when searching from All Accounts, all Accounts are displayed.
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  3. Charlie Dunrossil

    Charlie Dunrossil New Member

    I am encountering the same problem and looking for a solution to the same..Thanks!!

    NetSuite CRM
  4. Bin Tran

    Bin Tran Active Member Staff Member

    Hi Shams,

    When you search from a view account, CRM default setup to result all account record
    I have two way for you, if you want result search only your owner account
    1. You can use advance find and set condition my account
    2. Set Security roles for this user only view owner account

    I hope it help you resolve this issue
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2015

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