Adxstudio Portals for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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    Adxstudio Portals is packed with dozens of web portal features, categorized here for your convenience.

    Provide self-service access to customers to manage contact details and password information or trigger password reset as needed.

    Create easy to access web portal with authentication accounts that your customers are familiar with such as; Windows Live ID, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and many more.

    Capture user profiling information relevant to your business with a customizable web form.

    Set user rights and reward brand advocates with special status, building reputation for your organization.

    Give secure portal access to any CRM data - even custom entities - with just a few clicks of a button...

    For more information you can refer:

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    Microsoft đã mua luôn cái này rồi, về tích hợp cho Dynamics CRM Online - Khách hàng dùng Dynamics CRM Online sẽ được luôn tính năng này.

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