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    Auto Club Eases Driver Program Administration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta Motor Association (AMA) provides a range of travel, driver education, community, insurance, and rewards services. AMA received approval from the Alberta government in August 2013 for an online New Driver Program pilot, servicing 500 students. It chose Moodle to deliver courseware and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to administer the program and maintain customer records. AMA expects to ease administration, strengthen customer relationships, and enhance public perception.


    Business Needs
    Founded in 1926, Alberta Motor Association (AMA) is a multi-service organization renowned for providing top-quality membership and rewards services, including roadside assistance, as well as driver education, insurance, travel and vacation services. Its New Driver Program exemplifies the organization’s commitment to excellence, helping nearly 13,000 people get their licenses every year.

    As one of the largest driver education providers in North America, AMA is committed to creating safe drivers through interactive classroom and in-vehicle training delivered by provincially licensed instructors. “We continue to explore ways to provide innovative training programs that cater to the needs of new drivers while maintaining the highest quality standards towards course delivery,” says Collin Moody, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Alberta Motor Association.

    AMA wanted to make it as convenient as possible for teenage drivers, who comprise nearly 90 percent of its New Driver Program students, to take the government-mandated 15 hours of class instruction. Because teenagers are online so often, AMA identified the opportunity to offer Canada’s first online New Driver Program. Working closely with the Alberta government, they created an exciting new online program designed to offer the same measure of quality and experience, from administration through instruction, as programs delivered in physical classrooms.

    AMA received approval from the Alberta government in August 2013 to conduct a pilot program for 500 students to participate in their online New Driver Program. It chose Moodle, a platform for creating personalized learning environments, to deliver courseware, and then began evaluating customer relationship management (CRM) systems, which AMA would use to administer the program and maintain customer records.

    Having used Microsoft Dynamics CRM to administer its Fleet Safety Services Driver Programs and Alberta Impaired Drivers Program, and Microsoft Dynamics AX to manage its Service Centre retail operations, AMA was familair with Microsoft Dynamics products.

    In October 2013, AMA selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM and implementation partner Adxstudio, a Microsoft Partner with Gold competencies in Application Development and CRM to manage its New Driver Program..“We liked that Microsoft Dynamics CRM had the sophisticated workflow and stringent security required for this program and was highly configurable out-of-the-box,” says Moody. “This means that we’ll be able to modify our driver education application ourselves when needed, without having to hire outside programmers.”

    By deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM for its New Driver Program, AMA expects to ease program administration and expansion, strengthen customer relationships, and enhance public perception of AMA.

    Ease Program Administration and Expansion
    The new CRM capabilities help streamline administrative tasks such as student registration and payment. “By using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage the pilot, we can reduce administration overhead. This is critical because the online program should attract people beyond our traditional membership, and minimizing administration is key to scaling the program,” says Moody.

    Moody anticipates that, once it is rolled out in production—slated to begin October 2014— the online program will help AMA be more cost-competitive. “Online delivery is inherently more efficient and less costly than physical classroom instruction. By supplementing AMA in-room courses with online programs, we can institute more aggressive overall pricing, without compromising program quality,” he says.

    Strengthen Customer Relationships
    AMA hopes the online New Driver Program will be the start of long-term relationships with its student drivers. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it will be able to track those relationships from the beginning. “We’re excited about using the CRM capabilities to create life-long customer records and deepen our understanding of AMA members. Ultimately, we’ll be able to provide better, more individualized service and more targeted programs,” says Moody.

    Enhance Perception of AMA
    Because the New Driver Program is the first experience many people have with AMA, it is important that it be as positive as possible. According to Moody, the online program has been very well-received. Online program test scores are consistently higher than in-classroom results, indicating that instruction meets its standards. Moreover, customer satisfaction scores are higher, likely due to convenient administration and students’ ability to complete courseware on their own timelines.
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