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Discussion in 'Thư giãn giải trí' started by bsdinsight, Feb 4, 2016.

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    Apple is going all out with the YouTube videos for Earth Day. There is the "Better" video that looks eerily like the new Johnny Depp movie Transcendence. Now Apple would like to introduce you to its newest addition to the family. Campus 2. Apple Campus 2 will thousands of Apple employees that live around the Cupertino area. This is not going to be just another building people. This is Apple we are talking about. Campus 2 is going to be "the best office building in the world." The building looks like a circular mothership and I for one am ready to be beamed up.

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  3. bsdinsight

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    Steve Jobs presents the plan for the new Apple Campus (2011) LAST STEVE JOBS FOOTAGE

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    Apple Campus 2 February 2016 Update

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    Video mới nhất tháng 4/2016

    Apple's new headquarters is no simple office building. Yes, it looks like a UFO. And, yes, it is estimated to cost close to $5 billion dollars. But it is shaping up impressively ahead of its planned late 2016 or early 2017 completion date. Just a few months ago, the buildings appeared to be in little more than their primordial stage. Now, the latest aerial drone video of the Cupertino, CA, campus shows that glass and solar panels are starting to be put in place, and buildings look to be topped off. There's even a new peek at the auditorium where future Apple events may be held. Say what you will about Apple (and thisextravagant office building), but this will truly be something to behold when it's complete.

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    Và đây là video cho tới 2 Aug 2016


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