CMO And CIO Must Accelerate

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    People: strategy, Leadership, and Joint Understanding Need attention
    According to our survey, CMOs and CIOs still don’t come to the table with an open
    mind to build a joint strategy. To close the gap, IT must ramp up its marketing chops to
    understand marketing. In return, marketing must clearly outline its priorities, link them
    to business results, and then communicate those needs to IT.

    Process: Misaligned expectations and Miscues Remain
    While survey results show progress in joint project deployment, agreement on
    acceptable time-to-market remains a long way off. CIOs can avoid marketing going
    rogue by picking up the implementation pace and communicating improvements. On
    the flip side, CMOs can reduce frustration by setting realistic expectations that the IT
    team can deliver.

    Technology: Understanding Of Customers and Their experiences Comes
    Collecting customer data is just the first step to bringing customer intelligence into
    the business. CMOs and CIOs must partner to define and lead the work ahead to turn
    massive data sets into actionable customer insights needed to fuel business growth.
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