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    Dynamics AX đã và đang được rất nhiều doanh nghiệp trên toàn thế giới lựa chọn, và tin dùng để phát triển doanh nghiệp của mình - nền tảng công nghệ của Dynamics AX đã tạo được niềm tin của các nhà quản trị của các tập đoàn hàng đầu trên thế giới từ sản xuất, bán lẻ, cho đến dịch vụ thương mại.

    Đề tài này, chúng tôi sẽ tập hợp các điển hình thành công mà Microsoft AX cung cấp.

    Delta Air đã sử dụng giải pháp Microsogt Dynamics và đã đem lại những thành công trong việc nâng cao dịch vụ cho khách hàng của mình.

    "In today’s connected, customer-centric world, it’s all about the customer experience. That’s why Delta Air Lines is differentiating itself in the highly-competitive airline industry by offering a new in-flight customer experience designed and developed in partnership by Microsoft, Avanade and AT&T on the Microsoft Dynamics for Retail mobile point-of-sale platform, running on Nokia Lumia devices powered by Windows Phone 8. The solution brings flight attendants closer to the 160 million-plus customers who fly Delta each year, and will enable Delta to dramatically improve its ability to understand and serve its customers. Delta Air Lines is also equipping its 11,000 pilots with electronic flight bags using the Microsoft Surface 2 tablet. Together, these solutions come together to create a seamless, connected experience for Delta, its flight crews and its travelers."

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    Connecting CRM to ERP delivers end-to-end value for Heritage Bag
    Producer of more than 400 million pounds of bags a year, Heritage Bag Company knows the ins and outs of competing successfully in a market that is highly competitive. Heritage Bag deployed Microsoft Dynamics AX in 2006, implementing core ERP functions, including manufacturing controls and financial management. After successfully managing its manufacturing operations on Microsoft Dynamics AX for seven years—and undergoing several upgrades—Heritage Bag Company began looking at ways to extend the solution to support other functional areas, including sales.

    Heritage Bag and Microsoft Dynamics.jpg

    What does it take to be the largest manufacturer of institutional/industrial trash bags and can liners in the United States? Ask Heritage Bag Company. Producer of more than 400 million pounds of bags a year, Heritage Bag Company knows the ins and outs of competing successfully in a market that is highly competitive. And one of the keys, Vice President of Supply Chain Management and IT Doug Sheffield points out, is fostering customer relations. “Most of our competitors go to market using broker representatives,” he says. “We do that as well, but we also maintain an internal sales team that works directly with our local distributors and national accounts, so we can learn how best to market our product to the end customer.”

    Sheffield goes on to note that because Heritage is in a competitive business, it must also work hard to control its margins. This means timing the markets—strategically buying raw material that goes into its manufacturing process when the price is low—while maintaining tight control over operations and harnessing the business insight needed to fuel strategic decision-making.

    Recognizing that to thrive in the face of these challenges the company needed to be able to grow and change, Heritage decided to replace its homegrown business management system with an end-to-end enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. “We simply knew that with our current technology, we weren’t going to be able to get to where we wanted to be as a company,” explains Sheffield.

    Connecting Operations to Sales

    Heritage Bag deployed Microsoft Dynamics AX in 2006, implementing core ERP functions, including manufacturing controls and financial management. After successfully managing its manufacturing operations on Microsoft Dynamics AX for seven years—and undergoing several upgrades—Heritage Bag Company began looking at ways to extend the solution to support other functional areas, including sales.

    “We had spent a lot of time focusing on the operational side of the business and rolling out an ERP system,” explains Sheffield. “Once we had matured in that area, we began to look at sales. We found that we had many of the traditional issues and challenges in terms of organizing our sales efforts and understanding how to capture that information and get better information about our customers and prospects.”

    Realizing that these issues could be addressed using a customer relationship management (CRM) system, Heritage reviewed its options. Says Sheffield, “We looked at Salesforce.com, but we chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM because it fit with our existing environment and offered middleware—the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics—that made it easy to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics AX. The decision was really a no-brainer.” As with Microsoft Dynamics AX, Heritage Bag Company found that ease of support and customization made Microsoft Dynamics CRM a good fit for Heritage Bag.

    Supporting End-to-End Business Processes

    With full-featured ERP and CRM system in place, Heritage now supports its entire range of business functions from a fully integrated solution. While Microsoft Dynamics AX provides functionality for everything from production and supply chain management to human resource management and financials, Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports sales force automation, pipeline management, and contact tracking. Sales and product information flow between the CRM and ERP systems through the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics, and Microsoft Dynamics AX serves as the system of record.

    Sheffield explains, “Sales staff create all their prospects in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, then—as a contact becomes a customer—the record moves to Microsoft Dynamics AX so we can perform operational tasks like assign accounts payable contacts and perform invoicing.”

    Extending the Solution

    Heritage has developed a mobile application for Android and IOS, which allows sales staff to view product, sales, and operational data on a smartphone or mobile device while they’re onsite with a customer. Through the mobile interface, sales people have access to customer information (for example,, sales history, orders, and invoices) and item-level information (item details, sales volume, inventory levels, and other customers purchasing the item), in addition to general product information and company performance measures and KPIs.

    Heritage has also developed a new pricing module in Microsoft Dynamics AX that allows for rebates, and they have tailored a number of interfaces to the exacting needs of staff.


    Although its ERP and CRM systems have each driven their own efficiencies, together they have enabled the company to connect operational data with sales and garner newfound business insight. In addition, the company has been able to support and customize both systems by using similar skill sets, easing the IT workload while boosting agility.

    Inventory Optimization

    In a competitive business sector, Heritage has been able to compete effectively by keeping its inventory aligned both with the needs of its customers and with fluctuations in the price of resin.

    Says Sheffield, “Using Microsoft Dynamics AX for scheduling and to monitor our inventory levels, we have been able to decrease our inventory by as much as 20 percent in the last nine months. And, while it won’t always be the case that we want to do this, we know we have the tool in place that will get us to where we want to be.”

    Business Agility

    With the ability to grow and change as the primary factor for choosing an ERP system in 2006, Heritage now has the capability to be agile and responsive to market demands. And it’s a capability that adding Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the environment has only boosted.

    “With a project like this, you’re never really done,” says Sheffield. “You’re always improving. So for us, it has been extremely important to have tools like Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which allow us to improve one part of the business and then, as we move onto another part, know that we still have the tools in place to do that—we won’t have to go out and find another system.”

    Most recently, the company has used the systems to extend its line of eco-friendly bags, which have seen enormous success particularly on the West Coast of the United States.

    Cost-Effective IT Support and Customization

    Because both Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM rely on a common skill set, Heritage is able to support these mission-critical systems using in-house IT staff, which is an important consideration for the company.

    “As a part of our company culture, we like to do things in-house and avoid spending money on consulting,” says Sheffield. “And with Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we have been able to do that. To support the systems we have only one developer and three other IT staff, including myself.”


    With a standardized, fully integrated business solution supporting all facets of its business, Heritage has seen considerable improvements in productivity. Most notably, the training time for new warehouse staff—such as a picker—has gone from four months to about four hours. Says Sheffield, “Before we had Microsoft Dynamics AX, staff only knew where items were based on their experience. Now our warehouse is fully location-controlled. You can give someone a pick ticket and it will tell him or her exactly where to go and what quantity to pick. A new picker can be proficient from day one.”

    In the back office, the company has been able to reduce staff in customer service. Sheffield says, “While it wasn’t what we set out to achieve, we now have less staff, just through normal attrition, while processing more transactions than ever before.”

    Real-Time Business Insight

    What has been most beneficial for Heritage, however, has been its ability to capture, in real time, all operational and sales information in a single database. “We’re seeing production reporting as it’s happening today,” enthuses Sheffield. “That used to happen at the end of the shift or the end of the day.”

    But even more importantly, Sheffield adds, “What’s really changed our business the most is the reporting capabilities we now have, as well as the depth of information we can draw on. With information that spans both operations and sales, we can see more than just our productivity and efficiency but also our margins by customer. And, ultimately, it’s having access to that kind of information that enables us to make business decisions.”
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    Food Processing Manufacturer Chooses Microsoft Dynamics AX for Global ERP Deployment

    With the vision to make the world’s food better, Griffith Laboratories is constantly working both to bring science to the food industry and to run its own operations as efficiently as possible.

    The company recently found its efforts to streamline operations hindered by an aging MRP Type-II system, which lacked the flexibility to meet changing needs—in particular, the requirement to support hybrid discrete and process manufacturing. Because the legacy system could only handle materials and labor for a single location, Griffith was forced to maintain separate databases to support its US sites and corporate operation.

    In 2012, Griffith Laboratories set out to replace the aging system with a more modern ERP that would provide integrated end-to-end capabilities, could be easily tailored to meet specific food process manufacturing requirements, and would provide better insight into the business and improve operational efficiency.

    John McCarville, Senior Vice President of Global Supply Chain and IT for Griffith Laboratories, recalls, “Our main driver was to deliver a consistent experience to our customers, suppliers, and business partners worldwide. With so many disparate systems and tools in place, we didn’t have the proper technology platform needed to do that.”

    griffith laboratories and dynamics crm.jpg

    Choosing Microsoft Dynamics AX

    To support a business that operates 20 manufacturing facilities worldwide to service customers in 30+ countries, Griffith Laboratories knew it would need a system that had localization capabilities, was easy for both IT staff and end users to learn and use, and could be backed by a vendor with global reach. After a thorough review process, the company selected Microsoft Dynamics AX over both Lawson M3 and SAP.

    McCarville explains, “Microsoft was the only company that could offer us everything as an integrated system—from the ERP, CRM, HRM, and business intelligence tools to the reporting platform, operating system, database, and even the portal. We’re not a software company, so we purposely wanted to limit the burden associated with integrating tools. With Microsoft, this work has been largely done for us so all we have to do is leverage it.”

    Microsoft Services

    The opportunity to work directly with experts from Microsoft Services also helped fuel the company’s ability to deploy Microsoft Dynamics AX. Says McCarville, “I wanted our software vendor to have skin in the game. And by working with Microsoft Services, we have that. I have been impressed that such a large company can give us such individual attention. They are committed to making sure we succeed.”

    McCarville goes on to add, “Some of our locations are very small; they would be hard-pressed to get the kind of attention they can now get from Microsoft Services.”

    Initial Deployment

    Scheduled to go live in May 2014, Griffith Laboratories’ initial rollout of Microsoft Dynamics AX will span five plants in the United States and the company’s headquarters in Alsip, Illinois. The company aims to then onboard each additional location based on its multi-year global rollout plan.

    The solution will initially serve the needs of 500 people across finance, planning, purchasing, quality control, and sales functions. “Eventually we will take the solution to the floor via tablets,” says McCarville. “We also want to quickly leverage the system’s CRM and HRM capabilities, as well as its portals for BI and customer self-service. Microsoft Dynamics AX gives us a platform for continuous improvement to support all areas of our business. We don’t have to sit around and think about what software to buy.”

    Expected Benefits

    By transitioning to a single, “OneGriffith” global ERP deployment, Griffith Laboratories aims to provide a consistent customer experience. Says McCarville, “With Microsoft Dynamics AX, we have created a common chart of accounts and codified over four-hundred business steps that are trainable and repeatable. As our business units adopt the system, we will more effectively operate as one company and more efficiently report on our business performance from a global perspective.”

    “In the future, we will even be able to expose the system to our suppliers and customers,” McCarville goes on to say. “This will allow us to perform more efficient transactions, for instance through customer and supplier portals.”

    With the new system in place, Griffith Laboratories also expects to improve planning, reduce dump expenses, eliminate expedited freight, and optimize inventory and outside warehouse space. The company also expects to reduce manual processes and decrease the strain on IT by eliminating a number of systems.

    Looking at the future growth of the company, McCarville says, “With Microsoft Dynamics AX, we feel confident that we will be able to scale our resources in a manner that will greatly limit the costs associated with growth. In addition, we know Microsoft Dynamics AX will continue to evolve with us. Microsoft commits over a billion dollars a year in research and development to the products associated with the Microsoft Dynamics platform, and therefore we plan to leverage this investment to accelerate our business.”
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    New Belgium and Dynamics AX.jpg

    "A lot goes into that New Belgium craft beer you love to drink. From processing to brewing to distribution, the team is focused on delivering your favorite brew while being a responsible corporate role model. The secret ingredient? Technology. Go behind the scenes to learn how New Belgium makes it all happen. Microsoft Dynamics is proud to be a business partner and key technology ingredient in New Belgium Brewing's success."

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    Nói tới bóng đá, chắc là ai cũng biết Real Madrid, một câu lạc bộ giàu truyền thống, cúp, giải,... và có những cầu thủ đẳng cấp, và để vận hành nó, các nhà quản trị của Real Madrid cũng dùng một giải pháp phần mềm đẳng cấp - Microsoft Dynamics AX.

    Video clip sau đây giới thiệu sự thành công của Dynamics AX khi triển khai, và vận hành ở câu lạc bộ.

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    Borneo Technical (Thailand) Ltd.
    Improved Efficiency to Drive Growth for Supply Chain Provider, Enabling Next-Day Delivery for 18,000 Customers

    A premier supply chain provider of Automotive Aftermarket and Industrial Supplies in Thailand, Borneo Technical, a member of Toyota Tsusho Group, faced a growing list of stock-keeping units and customers. The company struggled with a legacy ERP system that was costly to maintain and had many technical limitations.

    To ensure sustainable growth, the company selected Microsoft Dynamics AX as its solution for streamlining supply chain processes, thereby enabling the company to focus on achieving its goal of doubling sales every three years with no increase in working capital to sales ratio and triple profits.

    With a history dating back to 1856, Borneo was the first foreign company to operate in Thailand, positioning itself as a trading company. In recent years, Borneo Technical (Thailand) has transformed its business model to being customer-centric by specializing in the automotive aftermarket and industrial supplies sectors.

    Borneo Technical 1.jpg


    “The markets for automotive aftermarket and industrial supplies are scalable and still growing,” says Wasan Tanmanuraxkul, Managing Director, Borneo Technical (Thailand) Ltd. However, the challenges at this point are to capture market opportunities and grow the businesses, he says. “The market is very fragmented.”

    It is for this reason that Borneo Technical has established its ‘2-0-3’ plan, with a vision to double the company’s sales every three years with zero percentage increase in working capital ratio and triple profits. “Our core strategy is to widen our capability, penetrate the mass market and open new customer channels in order to build up business scale,” says Tanmanuraxkul.

    In the aim of becoming more customer-focused, Borneo Technical has revamped its business process to have better visibility across the supply chain. This ensures timely delivery of goods to a mass number of retailers, installers and end-users. To provide competitive services in the mass market, Borneo Technical has established eight branches with regional warehouses nationwide to ensure faster delivery of services.

    A key challenge here is managing the growing customer base and the increasing number of items in its inventory. “At this moment, we have about 8,000 stock-keeping units (SKUs) and 18,000 customers,” says Tanmanuraxkul.

    Targeting Growth

    The company’s business systems were no longer able to catch up with its increasing needs. For enterprise resource planning (ERP), Borneo Technical previously utilised Mapics based on HP-UX, a legacy product that had reached its end-of-life. Furthermore, sales personnel had to fill up paper forms and manually processed these orders. “It was old technology, limited in terms of storage and capability. It was also no longer supported,” says Tanmanuraxkul. “Because of our growing needs, it was already costly to maintain.”

    Borneo Technical decided to modernize its existing ERP system. “We needed a system that is flexible, reliable and competitive, which would allow Borneo Technical to expand aggressively to achieve our ‘2-0-3’ vision,” says Tanmanuraxkul.

    Borneo Technical 2.jpg

    Flexibility and Cost-Effectiveness

    Bhatara Progress Co. Ltd. was aware of the challenges that Borneo Technical faced, and the two companies collaborated on building a Sales and Marketing platform with Microsoft Dynamics AX. Development with Bhatara Progress took 10 months, which included preparations and planning for migration, and even taking into account two-month work stoppages brought about by the massive flooding in Thailand in November 2011. By May 2012, Borneo Technical fully migrated both its headquarters and eight branch offices to its on-premises Dynamics AX.

    Borneo Technical’s business process drastically improved with Dynamics AX. “In the old days, our sales personnel visited customers, offering products/programs, and then manually wrote down the orders on paper forms,” says Tanmanuraxkul. “They would then have to fax the sales forms back to the head office for processing, where the data was encoded into the system.”

    A Mobile-Oriented Approach

    “With Dynamics AX, we developed a mobile system for handling sales processing while on the move. Sales personnel can now access product information, stock availability, accounting and customer information anytime, anywhere from their mobile devices,” says Tanmanuraxkul. With Borneo Technical’s implementation of Dynamics AX, the entire process of selling, accounting for sales and SKU tracking is now achievable in real-time.

    “Bhatara developed 16 custom programs to fit Dynamics AX into our business process. They also provided on-site training and support sessions, including consultation by telephone and remote access.”


    Borneo Technical aims to follow through on its ‘2-0-3’ plan by growing the business through improved time-to-market, but without increasing its working capital ratio. The company benefits from “better speed, availability and integrity of information retrieved and gathered for business planning and decision-making through database and reporting systems in Dynamics AX,” says Tanmanuraxkul. Sales representatives are empowered to digitally input their sales entry via their own Mobile Sales devices, track availability of items and process the order to ensure next day delivery, as the company now promises.

    Business Intelligence

    Sales personnel have to cover mass customer base across Thailand, and Dynamics AX provides better tracking of demand and availability of supply. “We use the document attachment function to store customer maps, reference purchase orders, and transaction approvals. The documents can be verified and checked online without the need to print.”

    Sales process efficiency

    “With the previous system, there was a lack of visibility with regard to the time gap between the point the customer placed an order and when we received the sales order.” With sales personnel’s mobile access to Dynamics AX, sales are now processed in real-time. This has increased the success rate of the company’s next-day-delivery promise for products and supplies from 40 percent to 70 percent.

    Borneo Technical 3.jpg

    Tighter financial controls

    The company’s accounting system is now more efficient. “Financial reports can be done promptly, and it does not require us to wait for month-end processing as with the previous system,” says Tanmanuraxkul. In addition, Dynamics AX provides Borneo Technical the assurance that client accounts are processed in real-time.

    Operational efficiency through advanced automation

    Borneo Technical’s previous system required sales personnel to record and process sales entries manually. Dynamics AX has enabled the company to remove its dependency from paper-based accounting and processes. Sales personnel now have instant access to the ERP system through their mobile devices 24/7, and can process orders right from the mobile application.

    Modernised ERP system reduces IT costs

    Being a legacy system, HP-UX’s Mapics is no longer supported, and Borneo Technical faced high costs whenever it needed something fixed or modified. The company has therefore treated its migration to Dynamics AX as a necessary investment rather than a cost, as the new system “eliminates the business risks from running a legacy application that no longer gets adequate support from any vendor.”

    Ease of use

    “The beauty of Dynamics AX is that it’s user-friendly,” says Tanmanuraxkul. “Our company extensively uses Microsoft products, as well, and Dynamics AX conveniently lets us share information through other Microsoft applications as well, including our email system.”

    To further bolster its growth plans, Borneo Technical is planning to expand its usage of Dynamics AX for warehouse management and customer relationship management modules. “Dynamics AX provides us with the platforms to support quantum leaps in business growth and eliminate business risks from outdated business systems.”

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