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    New Belgium Brewing.png

    Culture has become the new buzz word in business. People on the outside of companies (especially potential employees) ask the insiders “What’s your culture like?” or “Can you define your culture?”

    Company values are added to the corporation’s website, then displayed on large posters in the company lobby, the complimentary food area, or the employee restrooms.

    Culture isn’t about what you say (or post); it’s what you do.

    High Involvement Culture
    We believe that our dedication to high involvement culture and a loving, high performing workforce sets us apart. We believe that the collective is stronger than the individual and that informed coworkers will make responsible decisions.

    We practice open book management, which also includes access to financials and we facilitate a monthly meeting where coworkers are informed on the latest and greatest New Belgium news. We also meet annually, in the form of a Strategic Planning Retreat offsite. This is to gather input from ALL coworkers as Employee Owners, help make decisions about the upcoming year's business plan. This yearly event is a key element as we celebrate, sustain our culture and reconnect ourselves to our Vision. This opportunity for input and involvement helps align individual performance to New Belgium performance. We believe in community, social and environmental responsibility and dedication to modeling our Core Values and Beliefs.

    Working at New Belgium can be a very difficult thing to quantify, especially in a paragraph. Rather than try to explain something as complex and beautiful as a DNA molecule, we will just let our coworkers tell you their story.

    ustomer Size: Medium Organization
    Industry: Food & Beverage
    Country or Region: United States
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    ING is a global financial institution of Dutch origin, currently offering banking, investment, life insurance (NN Group) and retirement services. We draw on our experience and expertise, our commitment to excellent service and our global scale to meet the needs of a broad customer base, comprising individuals, families, small businesses, large corporations, institutions and governments.

    Our strengths include our relatively high customer satisfaction levels, solid financial position, multi-channel distribution strategy and international network. Moreover, ING is a sustainability leader in its sector

    Headquartered in New York, Citi Private Bank is part of Citigroup and delivers private banking services to ultra–high net worth customers across the world. Three years ago, the company launched Project Sheen—an initiative focused on delivering an optimal client experience across all touchpoints.

    Understanding customer needs
    “Following the financial crisis, there was a great deal of distrust and we had a lot of things to fix as an industry,” explains Dena Brumpton, global chief operating officer at Citi Private Bank. “During that time, we re-evaluated our target market and made sure that we were focusing on the right end of the spectrum. Ultra–high net worth customers require more bespoke services and so we started to consider ways we could improve their experience through Project Sheen.”

    Brumpton explains that in order to provide the best possible customer experience, it is key that the firm understand its clients—their needs, what they want from the organization—and be able to determine how well its bankers are delivering its value proposition to them. Furthermore, bankers at Citi Private Bank have the lowest ratio of clients than any other private bank, meaning they have an advantage in being able to get closer to and understand the needs of these clients. Citi Private Bank also wanted to ensure that customer information is held in a logical and ordered way that enables bankers to best evaluate clients’ portfolios and to identify investment opportunities.

    When it launched Project Sheen, Citi Private Bank decided it needed a customer relationship management (CRM) system to help capture and manage all its customer information. “We started a regional rollout of a CRM system, but realized that it wasn’t going to meet our global needs,” explains Brumpton. “So our technology team considered Microsoft Dynamics CRM and found that it was everything we wanted and more. Most importantly, it could serve as a global solution and integrate with the platform we were currently using.”

    Global deployment enhances productivity
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM was implemented across locations in Asia in November 2012, and the full rollout across all regions worldwide was completed by August 2013. The implementation was smooth and the organization found the new system to be intuitive, requiring limited training to get everyone up and running. “Ease of implementation was important for us. We had already experienced the challenge of trying a new CRM system that didn’t work, so it was important that the switch was seamless—and it was,” says Brumpton.

    “Another factor we found to be positive with Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the ability to be compliant with regulatory requirements in each jurisdiction,” adds Tim Tate, head of client management at Citi Private Bank. “Our regulators are particularly stringent in Asia and Switzerland around the housing, storage, and protection of client data. This solution isn’t cloud-based and so we are able to ensure we remain compliant by storing all client data in our own data centers in key locations.”

    Today, approximately 1,000 Citi Private Bank employees are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. “Feedback from employees has been positive, particularly around how intuitive the new CRM system is to use. We’ve also been able to resolve some of the challenges we previously experienced with the old system in terms of speed and performance,” explains Tate. “In Europe, for example, the previous system would run very slowly because of the way we have to manage data going in and out of Switzerland. This is no longer a problem, and we’ve witnessed a significant improvement in performance with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.”

    A key feature Citi Private Bank employees value is the Outlook client, where bankers can have instant access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM when viewing email. By using the new CRM system, bankers are able to access client information more quickly and ensure they deliver an improved customer experience. “We can deliver solutions to our clients in a much more relevant way because we understand their needs,” explains Brumpton. “We know what they’re interested in and what their preferences are, which means we can target them better.”

    Integrated view of customer information
    When launching Project Sheen, the organization also looked at how it could provide the banker and the client with the same view of relevant information. Its digital platform—Citi Private Bank In View—achieves this, and Citi Private Bank plans on extending the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM by integrating it with the platform. “This will mean that bankers will have two entry points for the CRM system—one will be through the tool itself and the other will be through the client engagement tool In View,” explains Tate. “This integration will give bankers even more access to information on the go, wherever they are. Subject to local regulations, bankers will be able to view customer and account information on mobile devices away from the office, rather than being limited to their desk, which our basic CRM system required.”

    The success of Project Sheen and the use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a testament to the partnership between Citi Private Bank’s technology team and its front-line bankers. “The teams have worked really well together across all regions to develop the innovative client-based solutions we have today,” says Tate.

    “We have been working with Citi Private Bank for the last few years and have seen the great progress they have made in developing excellent, close relationships with their clients,” concludes Ian Anderson, Microsoft Financial Services business manager. “We’re thrilled that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has played a major part in helping them achieve this and look forward to continuing to work with Citi, identifying how Microsoft technology can further help them meet their goals.”

    Customer Size: Large Organization
    Industry: Banking
    Country or Region: Turkey

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    Toyota Turkey is one of the largest Toyota distributors in that country and offers three key services to their customers - sales, service and spare parts. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps automate the entire sales process allowing their sales people to concentrate on building customer relationships and driving revenue rather than spending time on administrative tasks. Microsoft Dynamics CRM also helps Toyota Turkey market products and services targeted to their customer's specific needs helping to drive product loyalty

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    South West Water can now resolve issues more effectively, improving customer satisfaction.

    Since the privatisation of the UK water industry in 1989, South West Water (SWW) has provided high quality drinking water and waste water services to customers throughout Cornwall, Devon and parts of Dorset and Somerset.

    With about 1,300 employees, it strives to ensure the region's drinking water, sewerage systems and bathing waters meet stringent UK and European Union standards.

    Previously, SWW's customer service management system was based around its accounting and billing software. Peter Hart, service improvement delivery programme lead at SWW, said: "This solution was very much geared towards recording individual transactions, rather than providing a complete view of each customer. This made efficient handling of ongoing enquiries and complaints more problematic than it needed to be."

    Understanding the need to ensure customers receive high quality customer service (as measured through OFWAT - the UK water industry regulator), SWW recognised it required a new solution.

    In addition, SWW required a flexible solution to cost effectively leverage modern technologies, enabling it to further improve the customer experience by embracing digital communications via the web, e-mail and text messages, in addition to more traditional forms of communication, such as telephone calls and letters.

    As a result, SWW carried out a formal procurement process, following EC guidelines before selecting Microsoft Dynamics CRM. During the first quarter of 2013, the business installed an in-house 750 seat solution, which is now used on a daily basis by 600-plus internal staff and contractors. The system records all incoming and outgoing customer communications and features integration with the SWW Work Management system, to allocate work requests and receive feedback in real-time.

    For SWW, improving the quality of case management was a key driver for implementing Microsoft CRM.
    OFWAT targets and measures water companies to deliver high quality services. Therefore, ensuring agents keep the promises they make is a high priority. Hart said: "Case managers must respond to customer contacts within a specified period. If the case manager has not responded in a timely manner, Dynamics will automatically alert relevant staff to ensure SWW does not fail on promises made to customers."

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables real-time visibility of all customer contacts and outstanding work, at both summary and detailed levels. Helen Gibbs, CRM design lead, said: "Dynamics Views enable operational manager's to proactively manage contact volumes and incoming work. Senior managers are also embracing views and dashboards by actively monitoring performance on a daily basis, where previously they relied on historical reports."

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM's integration with the SWW Work Management system means that jobs can be allocated and feedback received from the field throughout the day. Gibbs said: "In the past, jobs were allocated in the morning and progress updates received at the end of the day. Now updates happen live, allowing us to tell customers when engineers are on their way, when they are on-site and when the job has been completed."
    SWW is committed to deliver a multi-channel, digital communications strategy, allowing customers to interact at a convenient time and in a manner of their choosing. Hart summarises by saying: "Currently 90% of customers either call or write to us. We envisage a future whereby more customers contact us digitally at their convenience. Dynamics puts us in a good place to achieve this and we have a solid platform to build upon."

    You can get more information of this article at http://www.microsoft.com/casestudie...ice-using-Microsoft-Dynamics-CRM/710000004336
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