Havaianas (Alpargatas USA) ro run more effeciently

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    About Havaianas

    Havaianas (Alpargatas USA) is a New York based company that was established in 2007. They are a distributor of Havaianas flip flops, espadrilles, and sneakers across the US, with their manufacturing headquarters at Alpargatas S.A. in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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    This trendy brand is popular with Hollywood’s stars and retail consumers alike. Due to recognition from the fashion world/growing popularity over the past few years, Alpargatas had to address a boost in sales, while keeping their staffing levels consistent.

    Because of this influx of interest in their products, Alpargatas realized they needed to find a robust solution that would handle their complex inventory management requirements, while at the same time being cost-effective.

    Alpargatas’s main focus, Havaianas, has a strong presence not only in the US, but in Europe and the Middle East as well

    Key challange
    • To deliver the breadth of product choice (color, style, size, etc.), Alpargatas needed to manage a high level of product complexity in order to satisfy their customers
    • Keep growing the company while being able to cost effectively scale expenses
    • Creating a specialized solution to integrate with SAP Business One and help manage the high level of data in their systems
    • In 2008, Alpargatas began working with Third Wave Business Systems
    • Third Wave, understanding the best way for Alpargatas to run SAP Business One, recommended a solution from Argentis, which specializes in the footwear and apparel industry
    • Third Wave & Argentis worked together to develop a detailed project plan to easily set up products with multiple attributes in the system
    • Repspark configured Alpargatas’s site to represent the complex orders placed by retail customers & Third Wave integrated the website
    Operational benefits
    • Alpargatas can now run their operations more efficiently with their data management solution based on SAP
    • They can keep resellers informed about new product lines & eliminate stockouts
    • Tighter overall integration – everyone, internally & externally, is more informed about the products

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