How to filter a lookup field in Business Process flow (BPF) in Dynamics CRM

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    Unfortunately there is no out of the box way to apply “related records filter’ on a lookup field in the Business process flow.

    Butt from Dynamics CRM 2013 it is possible to access the fields in BPF via JavaScript and achieve similar results. When the BPF is added to the form, additional controls also get added for the BPF fields, like: header_process_<attribute name>. Using these field names we can write JavaScript to filer a lookup

    Here is an example that I worked on.


    I had to filter the ‘UB Agent’ based on the value selected on ‘UB Group’.

    The javascript code is given below:

    function filterUBAgentLookup() {

    //Check if the control exists on the form

    if (Xrm.Page.getControl(“header_process_new_ubagentid”) != null) {

    // add the event handler for PreSearch Event




    function addUBAgentFilter() {

    var ubgroupId = null;

    var ubgroupLookup;

    var fetchQuery;

    try {

    //Check if control exist on form

    if (Xrm.Page.getControl(“header_process_new_ubgroupid”) != null && Xrm.Page.getControl(“header_process_new_ubgroupid”).getAttribute().getValue() != null) {

    //Get ubgroup lookup value

    ubgroupLookup = Xrm.Page.getControl(“header_process_new_ubgroupid”).getAttribute().getValue();

    //Get the ubgroup id

    ubgroupId = ubgroupLookup[0].id;


    //Build fetch

    if (ubgroupId != null || ubgroupId != undefined) {

    fetchQuery = “<filter type=’and’>” +

    “<condition attribute=’statecode’ operator=’eq’ value=’0′ />” +

    “<condition attribute=’new_ubgroupid’ operator=’eq’ value='” + ubgroupId + “‘ />” +


    //add custom filter



    } catch (e) {

    Xrm.Utility.alertDialog(“addFilter Error: ” + (e.description || e.message));



    Apply the code on OnLoad event on the form. Also apply it on Change event of UB Group.
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