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    IBM® DB2® for Linux, UNIX and Windows is the database of choice for robust, enterprise-wide solutions handling high-volume workloads. DB2 is optimized to deliver industry-leading performance while lowering costs.


    Các tính năng chính của IBM DB2

    Automate tasks such as memory allocation, storage management and business policy maintenance, enabling IT staff to focus on new and strategic projects.

    BLU Acceleration
    Simplify analytics and reporting with breakthrough speed. Take advantage of dynamic in-memory technology and other innovations for faster insights from more data to make better decisions.

    Data Warehouse Analytics
    Provide high performing predictive and pattern analysis without moving your data into proprietary data mining platforms.

    High Availability
    Help ensure your database remains operational both during planned or unplanned outages. Reduced down-time enables you to meet strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with no loss of data during infrastructure failures.

    NoSQL Support
    Afford you the freedom to choose the most appropriate data model for each data management challenge.

    Performance Optimization
    Save money and lower risks by helping you to do more with your system. Help ensure Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met or exceeded and increase DBA productivity.

    Offer clustering technology that deliver high availability and exceptional scalability transparent to applications for business continuity.

    Store, process and manage XML data in its native hierarchical format. Minimize administrative overhead, simplify database design, and reduce the complexity of your XML applications.

    Include a comprehensive suite of security features that effectively and decisively minimize threats: authentication, authorization, trusted context, auditing, encryption, and fine-grain controls.

    SQL compatibility
    Minimize the cost and risk of moving legacy applications built for the Oracle® Database to DB2. Best of all, your staff can leverage existing skills and hit the ground running.

    Storage Optimization
    Reduce storage costs and increase performance with industry leading technologies that compress tables, indexes, archive logs, temporary space, LOBs, XML, and back-up data

    Time Travel Query
    Travel to the past and the future, and query your data as it appears at different points in time without having to build, maintain, and administer a complex temporal infrastructure.
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    DB2 Autonomics

    The cost of database administration can greatly exceed the cost of the database software and hardware. It is critical that your database administrator’s time is used effectively and efficiently.


    DB2® helps lower the cost of managing data by automating administration, increasing storage efficiency, improving performance and simplifying the deployment of virtual appliances. By automating tasks such as memory allocation, storage management and business policy maintenance, DB2 is able to perform many management tasks itself, freeing up DBAs to focus on new projects.

    Automatic Maintenance feature simplifies storage management by performing database backups, keeping statistics current, and reorganizing tables and indexes as necessary. Well-organized table and index data is critical to efficient data access and optimal workload performance.

    Automatic storage feature simplifies storage management where DB2 determines storage characteristics for table spaces including the location of containers, as well as monitoring container growth. This allows for flexibility and leads to better performance.

    Self Tuning Memory feature responds to significant changes in workload by dynamically distributing available memory resources among several memory consumers for the database. DB2’s self-tuning memory manager (STMM) can help you avoid critical impact to database response times that threaten your service level agreements.

    Health Monitoring feature proactively monitors situations or changes in your database environment that could result in performance degradation or potential outages. It allows you to set up thresholds for warnings and alarms, and can recommend a course of action to resolve problems, helping to prevent problems before they happen!

    Self-Configuration feature automatically configures memory, storage, and maintenance operations in DB2 databases. This allows users to be confident DB2 databases and instances are configured correctly, enabling better out-of-the-box operation.
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    DB2 with BLU Acceleration

    IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration speeds analytics and reporting using dynamic in-memory columnar technologies. In-memory columnar technologies provide an extremely efficient way to scan and find relevant data. Coupled with innovations such as parallel vector processing and actionable compression, it makes your analytic queries far faster and less complex. So you can connect with the information you need at breakthrough speed and volume.


    Analytics at the speed of thought

    DB2 with BLU Acceleration combines advanced, innovative capabilities to accelerate analytic workloads for databases and data warehouses.

    DB2 with BLU Acceleration also integrates with IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence to provide reporting and deeper analysis. You can analyze key facts and freely explore information from multiple angles and perspectives to make more informed decisions—all from within DB2.

    Less data storage required
    DB2 with BLU Acceleration dynamically moves data from storage. Database tuning, indexes and aggregates are not needed, which improves storage efficiency and helps lower your storage space requirement. In fact, clients have reported compression rates of 10 times that of un-compressed tables.i

    The system uses available hardware such as memory, I/O and CPU to help reduce memory latency and processing. Hardware optimization streamlines administration and maintenance, putting less load on resources.

    BLU Acceleration is fully integrated with DB2. It does not require SQL or schema changes to implement. Just load and go. Enhancements such as automation, optimization and self-tuning help to further simplify overall use.

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