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Discussion in 'Dynamics 365 for Sale' started by Emma, May 26, 2014.

  1. Emma

    Emma New Member

    Hi BSD

    it think that survey addon exactly what I needs - may I get more information of this add-on?
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  3. bsdinsight

    bsdinsight Well-Known Member

    Thanks Emma

    We are on final for Insight Survey for Dynamics CRM that you can:
    1. Easy to build Surveys
    2. Insight Survey handle any type of questionnairs
    3. Collect all database
    4. Management reports
    5. Flexibility to apply into Marketing Campaign, and Markering List
    6. Keep survey result on Contact or Lead
    Survey report helps you to understand your customers

    insight suvery 2.png
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  4. bsdinsight

    bsdinsight Well-Known Member

    You can use Survey into Marketing List and keep results per Leads or Contacts in the Markeitng List

    insight suvery dynamics crm 1.png
  5. bsdinsight

    bsdinsight Well-Known Member

    Select Start Servey in In Marketing list.

    insight suvery dynamics crm 2.png

    And Insight Servey asks you the servey you want to apply, and you can run it

    insight suvery dynamics crm 3.png

    You will have questionnair for each Contact or Lead in Marketing List
    insight suvery dynamics crm 4.png
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  6. Emma

    Emma New Member

    It is very good job and idea. May I get how to create questions?
  7. John White

    John White New Member

    Do you have plan for first release?
  8. DynamicsAX

    DynamicsAX Well-Known Member

    You can create question here upload_2014-6-3_10-0-20.png

    And you can add new or choose existing questions

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  9. DynamicsAX

    DynamicsAX Well-Known Member

    And create answer here
  10. John White

    John White New Member

    Tks Hong Lan (sorry, I cannot get your name).!

    It is very good add-on for Dynamics CRM 2013
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  11. Emma

    Emma New Member

  12. eblanche

    eblanche New Member

    When will you make this add-on available ? We already built something complex for a customer and I would like to see if your tool would not be better. We just need to Survey to be triggered from other CRM entities.
    If you tool works on the mobile application, then I may be able to sell it (for you) several times !

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