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    Bank Improves Efficiency and Enhances Customer Service using a CRM Solution

    Operating in 21 key economic regions in Russia, LOCKO-Bank provides a wide range of financial services and products to its clients, with a strategic focus on the retail and SME sectors. The bank needed a unified and comprehensive CRM solution in order to support the sales of its products and services, as well as deliver the highest level of service to its customers. Furthermore, it wanted to make their processes more efficient. By deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the bank was able to achieve these objectives.


    In 2013, the company decided to implement a CRM system, to support the sales of its bank products and increase the quality of comprehensive services provided to its customers.

    Andrey Liushin, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of LOCKO-Bank, says: "We've thoroughly analyzed the existing platforms available on the market and decided to choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM; this is due to its flexibility in being fine-tuned and customized according to our business needs, its seamless integration with other IT bank systems, familiar Microsoft Office-like interface, as well as a shorter time required to deploy the system and a quick learning curve in training users. Moreover, we needed a tool that could be configured as rapidly as our demands grow. Other important criteria were a large number of successful implementations of this system in various Russian financial companies with many success stories."

    Based on the bidding results, GK KORUS Consulting was awarded this project, due to its deep expertise in CRM development in the banking industry.

    During the project, the engineers of KORUS Consulting automated the entire servicing cycle for the legal bodies, as well as relations with the leads - such as calls, mailings, and meetings. All customer-related activities, starting from cold calls or offers in the promotional mailings to forwarding the contract to the back office for signing, are performed in the CRM system with registration of preliminary results for each milestone.

    With respect to individuals, the bank implemented a cross-sales process of its products for its existing retail customers. Furthermore, the bank streamlined the work flow pertaining to marketing campaigns, the selection of customers for the target offer with the given criteria using the marketing lists functionality. It also implemented the automatic creation of personalized activities - such as SMS, e-mails, and personnel notifications in the customer dashboard of the online banking system. This allows marketing specialists to select suitable customers quickly from the database via certain criteria, and address them with an individualized offer. Once the marketing campaign is over, the CRM system can be used to analyze customer feedback via smart filtering, based on offer and customer response.

    The solution provides ten operational and analytical reports for tracking the work of sales managers, evaluating their interaction with customers, and assessing the efficiency of marketing campaigns.

    The CRM solution is tightly connected with the bank’s integrated system and the customer dashboard using online banking. The two-sided integration with the bank’s system helps keep data about the customers and the products they use, up to date in both these systems - in real time. The solution supports sending e-mails and SMS directly from the system, and allows tracking their delivery.

    It is important to note that LOCKO-Bank has over 20 branch offices in various regions in Russia, and all of these offices also work in the CRM system. The bank's project teams, along with specialists from KORUS Consulting, have organized multiple workshops for employees in order to help them get familiar with the system and learn its workflows in greater detail.

    The advantages of deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM at LOCKO-Bank are:

    • Employees of LOCKO-Bank now enjoy a unified and consolidated database of customers, including the bank products in use, requests for new services, and previous and planned activities. This significantly reduced the time needed for data search and analysis.
    • Communication between managers and their customers became much more structured and clear. All customer-related activities, from cold calls or offers in the promotional mailings to forwarding the contract to the back office for signature, are performed in the CRM system with registration of preliminary results for each milestone.
    • Greater transparency in the operations of sales managers, thanks to efficiency analysis and end-to-end control over deals throughout the entire sales process. Once the marketing campaigns are over, the CRM system can be used for analysis of customer feedback, including smart filtering by offer and customer response.
    • The system supports assignment of tasks and tracking of their progress, provides better control over manager activities, and delivers clear reports in terms of managers, branch offices, regions, or the entire bank with respect to the customer type, offers, etc.
    Andrey Liushin, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of LOCKO-Bank, says: "At LOCKO -Bank, we pay special attention to developing new service channels and boosting the quality of services in these channels. In another step of IT modernization, we've decided to implement technologies that can help us to engage customers better and make our managers even more productive.

    We now use Microsoft Dynamics CRM as our basic tool for managing deals, transactions, and customer relations. This is a unified interface that allows quick and transparent access to any customer information that we may need. This is really a very convenient option, which helps us to focus in delivering fast and high-quality services, rather than on tedious, routine tasks. The CRM system also allows us to create reports based on transactions and manager activities, as well as performance reports, so that the top management can quickly track progress in real-time and support employees when necessary."

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