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    Frankfurt Trade Fairs’ Representation in Poland Develops its Operations with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

    Frankfurt Trade Fairs is the only official representative of Messe Frankfurt in Poland. It helps Polish companies participate in trade fairs run by one of the world's largest trade fair organizers. The Representation of Frankfurt Trade Fairs in Poland, with offices in Warsaw, has been operating on the local market since 2007.

    Frankfurt Trade Fairs is the only official representation of Messe Frankfurt in Poland. The company represents one of the world's largest trade fair organizers and owner of fairgrounds with a total surface area exceeding 578,000 m². Messe Frankfurt organized 114 trade fairs, cultural events and conventions worldwide in 2013. The fairs make it possible for over 3,500,000 visitors and more than 78,000 exhibitors to establish direct business contacts. Both groups represent a wide range of industries; including the consumer sector and the automotive, technical, textile, cosmetics and music industries.

    The Representation of Frankfurt Trade Fairs in Poland has been operating on the local market since 2007. Its helps Polish companies participate in trade fairs organized by Messe Frankfurt. The company's office is located in Warsaw.

    Business Challenge
    The Representation of Frankfurt Trade Fairs in Poland is a dynamically developing organization that focuses on seeking potential new exhibitorsand visitors. It also helps its clients make travel arrangements for particular trade events.

    As the Polish agency developed, it felt it lacked a cohesive system for gathering and effectively processing information on exhibitors, visitors and media. It also needed a tool for contact management. The company required a solution that would enable gathering all data obtained from contractors during business processes in one place. This data would also be integrated with the agency’s website. The main task of such a system would be to streamline processes related to fair organization and customer service.

    The Representation of Frankfurt Trade Fairs in Poland decided to implement the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online system. The latter is a comprehensive tool for supporting business processes; affording companies increased productivity and making them more competitive. The solution can be fully customized to the enterprise workflow and integrated with the systems already in place. It can also be modified to meet specific sector requirements.

    The decisive factors behind this choice included the system’s flexible customization to fit the company's specific needs; especially the possibility to select a given group of clients, while using a variety of complex criteria. The fact that the user interface works and looks similar to other Microsoft applications helped with the implementation. It also reduced the time required to train employees to use the system.

    The project was entrusted to Intersys, a certified Microsoft partner in the area of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system implementation.

    The implementation‘s key element was the system's integration with the agency’s internet portal for contractors and visitors. The portal allows users to browse information on participants, purchase a pass to a selected trade fair and submit questions regarding travel arrangements for a particular event.

    "The business needs analysis showed that using standard solutions was not enough to fulfill our client’s expectations. Therefore, we also designed tools to support the management of personal data entered via the website", explains Tomasz Garncarek, Senior Application Architect at Intersys.

    Business Process Definition and Support
    Given the fact that the main purpose of this implementation was to enable central management of data obtained from contractors, the project started with defining the business processes carried out in each department of the organization. It continued with the fine tuning of CRM functions.

    The business processes defined in the TFP, and for which IT support was planned, were grouped as follows:
    • Exhibitor service process – from identification of companies interested in participating in fairs on down to confirmation of participation
    • Ticket sales process – from filling in pass order forms via the TFP website on down to invoicing modules
    • Travel service process– from filling in request forms via the TFP website on down to final payment settlement and invoicing
    • Automation of the client segmentation process, which significantly improves work flows.
    Once the given year of a particular trade fair is finished, the system automatically assigns or modifies relevant statuses of companies that were either fair exhibitors or visitors during previous years. This makes it much easier to direct appropriate information to specific client groups. "The system allowed us to structure a large amount of data related to our contractors and the projects we carried out. The most important aspect for us is that we are now able to select a specific group of potential or existing clients, using a variety of complex criteria. Before implementing Microsoft Dynamics we tested several other CRM systems available on the market, but none of them offered as many possibilities of interest to us", explains Piotr Łukaszewicz, Official Representative of Messe Frankfurt GmbH in Poland.

    Integration with the Website
    Apart from fine-tuning the system to specific processes carried out in the company, Microsoft Dynamics CRM was integrated with the official website of the Representation of Frankfurt Trade Fairs in Poland. As a result, it is now possible to display a list of exhibitors for a given trade fair that can also be accessed by visitors and other exhibitors. These groups can now check out which companies are participating in a trade fair and find out more about them. Intersys has also expanded the mechanism for calculating the price, down-payment, surcharges and discounts for trade fair organization, travel packages or entry pass purchases.

    Fast, Convenient Reporting
    The implementation also involved expanding the reporting mechanism. Reports can now be generated based on freely defined criteria, such as the ·exhibitors list for a given trade fair ·number of entry passes purchased ·participant list for a travel package ·list of participants' points of origin for travel ·list of insurance requests

    Business Benefits
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online made it possible for the Representation of Frankfurt Trade Fairs in Poland to create a large knowledge database on all parties involved in the trade fairs: exhibitors, visitors and media. With such a huge amount of information available, the organization can segment contractors based on selected criteria: number of fair exhibitions or visits, types of fairs of interest to a given group of recipients, groups of products presented at the fairs or other categories. This allows TFP to prioritize potential exhibitors or visitors based on specialized parameters and previous fair attendance. This in turn allows for better communication with potential clients and provision of top quality services.

    "With the data on our contractors’ attendance at particular trade events, available through the CRM system, we are better able to plan our communications with clients, adapt to their needs and reach them with a personalized offer. This approach not only consolidates our relations with existing partners, but also facilitates winner over clients from competitor trade fairs," says Piotr Łukaszewicz.

    Other noteworthy benefits obtained by TFP through the implementation of the Microsoft CRM system include
    • streamlining of processes related to trade fair organization and travel to particular events, thanks to automation
    • easier project management
    • faster report generation on past trade fairs
    • comprehensive invoicing service for trade fair travel packages
    "Thanks to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system’s functionality, as well as the customized solutions designed by Intersys, we have experienced a clear improvement in terms of services offered to potential exhibitors and fair visitors. Using an integrated solution also increased data processing speed and consistency,” notes Piotr Łukaszewicz.

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