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    Microsoft proud to announce that all packages for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Service Pack 1 (codename "Leo") were released on Tuesday, May 27th to the Microsoft Download Center! The Service packages should appear on Microsoft Update in June 2014.

    Service Pack 1 Microsoft Download Center page

    Here's the "Master" Microsoft Dynamics Knowledge Base article for Service Pack 1: (KB 2941390). Going forward, the plan is for the Master Knowledge Base articles for CRM 2013 Update Rollups and Service Packs to be published a bit in advance of release to aid planning.

    On Monday, June 2nd at 1:00 PM Pacific Time Greg Nichols and Ryan Anderson from the Microsoft CRM Premier Field Engineering Team provided information about:

    • The release of Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013
    • New features available in Service Pack 1
    • New fixes made available In Service Pack 1
    on BlogTalkRadio during their Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Service Pack 1 Podcast

    BlogTalkRadio and Internet Explorer 11 compatibility

    If you're having trouble viewing the podcast when using Internet Explorer 11,

    • View the Podcast in Compatibility View
      • in IE 11, select Tools (the upper right "Gear" icon) -> Compatibility View Settings -> add the website, or
    • Use the "New Window" link on the Blogtalkradio page
    Note regarding Podcasts: You can make our CRM Premier Field Engineering podcasts available on Zune by using the RSS feed below. In the Zune software, go to Collection -> Podcasts and click on the Add a Podcast button on the lower left, then enter the url for the RSS feed: After that, you can adjust the series settings like any other podcast, so you can sync with your smartphone or Zune.

    Go to TopCRM Update Rollup Collateral Page"

    For pointers to download locations, release dates, build information, and CRM Premier Field Engineering blogs and podcasts for all Microsoft Dynamics CRM Update Rollups and Service Packs, visit the "CRM Update Rollup and Service Pack Collateral Page"
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    RAMP UP ON CRM 2013!

    Here are some pointers to directly accessible ramp-up resources and some insight into what people are most excited about regarding the release of CRM 2013:

    Recommended Ramp-up materials:
    Most Popular Features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013!
    • Flat User Interface (modern look UI)
    • Process driven UI
    • Quick create and quick view forms
    • BingMaps / Skype / Lync integration
    • Social and mobile integration
    • Server side sync
    Business Process UI
    • Rich and guided UX to implement end to end business scenarios
    • Reduced number of clicks and pop ups to complete transactions
    • Ability to span the process UI across entities
    • Security modelling and ability to assign processes to security roles
    • Ability of accessing the UI using MoCA clients
    The new ‘skin’ of CRM 2013
    • Flat and modern UI avoiding frequent pop ups
    • Inline editing
    • Quick view form enabling parent entity details in child record
    • Form level notifications where errors, warnings and information can be viewed inline in the field
    • Avoiding redundant ribbon buttons thus showing only which is really required
    • Header controls to highlight the most relevant data of the entity
    • BingMaps embedded control
    Configuration & Customization
    • Synchronous Workflows will help developers to quickly configure workflow instead of using a plug-in (writing code/deploying)
    • Actions enable multiple operations which are frequently used to be created as single action and can be re-used to minimize Dev cycle
      • Power to create custom actions such as schedule, Escalate and Route Lead are highly beneficial as well
    • Portable Business Logic This easy way avoids lots of scripting for easy validations and enables CRM functional analysts to quick add validations without touching the code base
    Yammer Integration
    • Native integration with Yammer and thus enabling social collaboration
    • Private and Public settings to control the activity feed stream
    • MoCA (Mobile Client Application) clients and Mobile clients make the long awaited dream a reality
    • Support across expected devices and browsers
    • Availability of process bar and new UI in the tablet clients
    • UI in MoCA clients is highly appreciable, survey shows many of them like the MoCA UI more than the native web UI
    • Quick create forms to accelerate the record creation
    • Light weight command bar UI
    • Multi activity support in the collaboration area
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