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    Quá ư là cool

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    dynamics crm.png

    Annie uses Cortana to check CRM and see Social Listening data about a campaign.
    dynamics crm 1.png

    Based on social sentiment, she asks Cortana to show her some forest images
    dynamics crm 2.png

    She designs an ad in Dynamics Marketing
    dynamics crm 3.png

    After the ad is published she monitors social sentiment in Social Listening dynamics crm 4.png

    She tracks the impact of the campaign on sales in Dynamics CRM dynamics crm 5.png

    Using Cortana, she sets a reminder to herself to create an app that calculates customer savings, then sends it to the sales and service team.
    dynamics crm 6.png

    Cortana tells Annie that traffic is heavy and go get Dexter. We aren’t sure who Dexter is. We are back at the restaurant, so the entire sequence was a daydream.
    dynamics crm 7.png

    And the tag tells us that the dream is a reality with Dynamics.

    Comment: I think the ad does a great job of painting the vision of how CRM, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, Social Listening, and Cortana can work together. It is about much more than CRM—it is about how Microsoft Dynamics can help your business get your message out, listen to customers feedback, and impact sales.

    While the video is called “Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your Business,” we never actually see CRM. We see Social Listening, we see Dynamics Marketing campaigns, but we don’t see Dynamics CRM. This is because Dynamics CRM is the glue that holds all of these pieces together—while we are looking at a chart in Social Listening, Dynamics CRM brings all of these pieces together and shows us how the social sentiment relates to the marketing campaign and results in increased sales.

    The Cortana integration is a new feature recently announced, and the functionality to be included in Dynamics CRM 2015 has not yet been officially published. This video should not be considered a demonstration of the Cortana functionality that will be in Dynamics CRM 2015, but rather a vision of where the product is going.


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