Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Business Intelligence Development Beginner’s Guide

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    Một cuốn sách mới ra lò, hỗ trợ việc phát triển giải pháp Business Intelligence cho người mới bắt đầu với MS SQL Server 2014 - bạn có thể đặt mua tại đây

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    Take advantage of the real power behind the BI components of SQL Server 2014, Excel 2013, and SharePoint 2013 with this hands-on book. This book will give you a competitive advantage by helping you to quickly learn how to design and build BI system with Microsoft BI tools. This book starts with designing a data warehouse with dimensional modeling, and then looks at creating data models based on SSAS multidimensional and Tabular technologies. It will illustrate how to use SSIS for ETL, and MDS and DQS for data governance and data quality. The book is packed with real-world examples that will give you a good understanding of the BI and DW components of SQL Server 2014, Excel 2013, and SharePoint 2013.
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