Mississippi Department of Mental Health

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    Mississippi Department of Mental Health
    Mental health agency engages patients and closes the clinical loop with cloud-enabled apps

    The Mississippi Department of Mental Health (DMH) strives to make a difference in the lives of Mississippians with mental illness and intellectual and developmental disabilities. To more effectively engage patients the DMH deployed CoCENTRIX CARETILES, a mobile app running on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. CARETILES enhances the abilities of individuals to communicate with caregivers and will help DMH staff close the clinical loop by monitoring progress against individual care plans.


    The Mississippi DMH is committed to enhancing the lives of people with mental illness and intellectual and developmental disabilities through a comprehensive system of services and support that improve daily living skills and build independence. The DMH operates 12 distinct programs as part of a person-driven, recovery-oriented mental health system that prides itself on innovation and effective use of technology.

    To that end, the DMH employs an IT-enabled service delivery model that focuses on care coordination and improved outcomes by putting patients and clients at its center. Within this model, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a platform to help clinicians and caregivers connect information, promote collaboration, and more effectively engage with patients.

    Most importantly, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will enable DMH staff to close the clinical loop by capturing the results of patient engagements and enabling them to actively monitor the individual, track progress, and document compliance with individual care plans.

    Helping individuals communicate their needs
    With caregivers seeking a more engaging way to interact with their patients on assessments and daily living lessons, the DMH sought a solution that would help deliver a higher level of assistive therapy.

    “We needed technology that allows patients and caregivers across all the programs to communicate more easily,” says CIO James Dunaway. “And because each of our 12 programs has its own IT staff and application infrastructure, we also needed a solution that provides a flexible technology foundation for integrating with other healthcare applications.”

    To address this need, the DMH deployed CARETILES, a mobile, cloud-based application from CoCENTRIX, built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. CARETILES employs a graphic interface that allows users to communicate even complex concepts using a graphic interface.

    The solution enables patients in residential care to communicate more clearly—not only for critical needs like communicating with healthcare providers, but also in ways that enhance their daily lives, for example by facilitating interaction with classroom teachers or ordering in restaurants.

    “With CARETILES running on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we now have an assistive care application for individuals to provide therapy for daily living, communication, learning, and social interaction,” Dunaway says.

    More meaningful patient engagement
    “CARETILES is one of the most exciting applications I have implemented,” Dunaway enthuses. “Our health professionals can conduct assessments based on clearer communications with their patients, and patients can communicate with additional dignity by using the tool. We can also customize the software based on individual patients’ abilities and needs.”

    The CARETILES solution can also be used to interact with primary care providers after patients leave the care of DMH. The solution may one day also be used by schools, home caregivers, community mental health centers, and therapists. Caregivers have found CARETILES particularly helpful in adolescent classroom settings, and patients can use it to overcome daily communication challenges, for example by uploading menus from local restaurants and using the application on their mobile devices when they visit restaurants to place food orders.

    Connecting people to data
    The CARETILES application takes advantage of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to communicate care plan activities to patients on any mobile device, including smartphones, Surface tablets, and Windows 8 PCs. Likewise, caregivers can securely access client and patient data anytime, anywhere, so they can develop and deliver more informed and effective treatment.

    The open architecture of Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables DMH to connect CARETILES to third-party software that conforms to Health Level 7 standards, which will enable the 12 DMH programs to integrate CARETILES with other healthcare and business applications under their purview. Because the underlying architecture uses a centrally managed instance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the DMH will be able to share data selectively among health record systems, individuals, and their circles of support.

    Making a difference in peoples’ lives
    “The ultimate payoff is that we can now more easily make a difference in the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities who may not have anyone else who understands them,” Dunaway says. “This is critical to achieving our mission, because many of these individuals face a monumental task trying to communicate their needs, wants, and feelings. CARETILES running on Microsoft Dynamics CRM is opening new doors—allowing individuals to communicate at their own pace and develop improved living skills that will greatly enhance their lives.”

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