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    The below mentioned improvements have been introduced in the mobile app which greatly enhances the user experience:

    • New Mobile workspace: A tailored action hub has been introduced in the mobile app which allows you to get to regular tasks easily. workspace includes a list of suggested priorities (“action cards”) in the left column, which appears when the App is launched. “Action cards” may contain forthcoming meetings, information related to today’s activities, and other things needing your attention. Additionally, it contains a list of favourite and recently used items. Items that appear in the Recent feed can be added to Favorites by clicking the Favorites
    • Improved notes: The new mobile app now allows you take a note in-line when you are in a form, while you have relevant details in front of you, just like from social media. Now you can preview notes without needing to open them.
    • Enhanced colors and layouts: The mobile app has been redesigned with enhanced colors and have a new look and feel. Layouts have been compacted and optimized to give crucial info at a glance with negligible scrolling. The dashboard now displays related elements, revealing more information at once. The process bar is more protruding in forms that use it, so it’s more clear where you are in any given process. You can use the form editor to change the way these sections are displayed to better reflect how your organization works.
    • Tight Integration with Mobile device and Multimedia content: The app allows you to access your device’s camera and other functions. You can open a note, and tap the icons under the text box to add multimedia content. Users can now record multimedia content directly.
    • Mobile offline feature and Web Resources Support: The offline mode has been introduced allowing you to other things while the data is synchronizing in the background. Sync conflict resolution has been enhanced. If multiple entries are made in the same field by more than one offline user, the conflict is clearly marked and you can choose the correct entry. Offline mode now also supports web resources.
    • JavaScript Support: Offline mode now supports the capability to run ClientAPI (JavaScript), so you can run your client-side business logic while users are offline. This is great news for developers
    • Enhanced sync filter: Users have more control on what data they want to sync to their devices. That means they can save more space on their mobile devices.
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