NatWest improves quality of service for business banking with comprehensive CRM solution

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    National Westminster Bank (NatWest) has a long history, having been formed from the merger of the National Provincial Bank and Westminster Bank, both of which can trace their lineage to constituents dating back to the 1650s. Now a part of the Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest joined one of the largest financial services groups in the world.


    While rich in history, NatWest found that in 2011 its technology was beginning to show its age. Existing systems were being stretched to provide customer relationship management functionality, and it became clear that a full CRM solution was required to meet business and customer requirements.

    David Russell, Head of CRM for Business & Commercial Banking for the Royal Bank of Scotland, says, “To improve our Business Banking division, we wanted to create a consolidated view of all customer touch points and streamline processes to free up employee time to better focus on those customers. We also sought powerful analytics capabilities that would allow us to further improve those customer relationships while driving cross-selling opportunities through value-added customer interactions. CRM helps us to deliver a personalized service which supports customers in achieving their ambitions.”

    Choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    In looking for a CRM system to support NatWest’s Business Banking division, Russell notes that it was important to deploy a system that would be embraced by the bank’s employees. He says, “We recognized that the main challenge in driving a successful CRM deployment was getting high user adoption. And in order to get the adoption we needed, we knew we didn’t want a system that our users viewed as yet another software program they had to learn and use; rather, we wanted them to regard the CRM system as a part of a solution they already had.”

    NatWest evaluated solutions from, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The company chose the Microsoft Dynamics offering because of its seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and flexible deployment options. “Not all solutions had an on-premise option,” Russell adds. “With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, on the other hand, there was.”

    Following a year of planning, the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM at NatWest took only four months, with the solution going live to 3,000 users in April 2013. Now, when business customers contact the bank, bank staff have all related customer information at their fingertips, regardless of whether the customer contacted the bank’s relationship or support teams.

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides employees with a degree of insight that wasn’t there before, drawing on information from various other systems, such as those for product holdings and analytics as well as a host of marketing feeds. NatWest is also using the system for pipeline management, marketing campaigns, and task and queue management. Says Russell, “We view Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a development platform that will help us meet our various business needs now and in the future. However, we believe that the most effective way to do that is to limit bespoke development and instead to leverage the out-of-the-box functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM as much as possible, for example by fully utilizing the built-in workflow engine.”

    Strong user adoption
    By providing thorough training, CRM champions throughout the bank, and a familiar user interface, NatWest has achieved adoption by more than 95 percent of its user base, allowing the company to drive meaningful improvements to the business.

    Rapid return on investment
    While the high adoption rate has helped NatWest to improve customer satisfaction, the business case around the deployment was justified through increased cross-selling alone. Russell says, “We built our business case on increased product cross-sells. Our ROI analysis informed us we would have a payback period of five years.”

    Improve customer relationships
    Now with a consolidated view of its business banking customers, NatWest has been able to reorganize, moving from a single account manager responsible for a pool of customers to larger teams responsible for a much larger pool of customers. As a result, the company can offer the same personalized service as before while putting a broader set of skills at the customer’s disposal. Further improving customer relations, bank staff have also been able to find the information they need, faster than ever before. Says Russell, “Before Microsoft Dynamics CRM, employees would spend around 30 minutes preparing for a customer meeting, as they had to print documents and make phone calls. Now all that information is one system, and they can prepare in a matter of minutes.”

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