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    NCC Roads is based in Stockholm, Sweden and is part of the NCC Group. It is one the leading road servicing players in the Nordic region-and also has operations in St. Petersburg, Russia. The company's core business is the building and maintenance of roads for public authorities, private clients, construction, and industrical companies.

    NCC Roads employs aroud 4,300 people in aggregates and asphalt production, and paving and road servicing operations, achievingan annual turnover of U.S.$1.5 billion ( SEK$ 9.8 billion ). To maintain its strong market position, the company is committed to investing in research and innovation, and identifying possible ways to exceed customer expectations.

    In 2005, the business introduced a new initiative called One Road. Palle Lund-Jensen, IT Project Manager for NCC Roads, says: " With One Road we want to establish consistent processesand IT environments across all countries, so that we can collaborate more effectively."

    As part of the new strategy new strategy, the business examined its existing HR and finance systems. Lund-Jensen says: " Our existing IBS-lon payroll system was outdated and could no longer support payroll processess. Furthermore, HR and finance employees spent long periods of time manually entering data, such as absence and expense claims, into Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Office Word documents."

    As a result, information was not always accurate. The company wanted to locate and update vital employee detail and contracts faster, and managers needed easy access to reliable information when making important business decisions when making important business decisions in areas such as salary reviews and personnel recruitment.

    In addition, some departments created organisational structure diagrams on paper while others used Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentations. Employees across the business wanted a clear view of colleagues and departments. So, to improve both HR and finance processes in line with the One Road strategy, the company decided to investigate new IT systems.


    After examining a range of business management solutions, NCC Roads decided Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0 was the best fit for the company. Lund-Jensen says: "Microsoft Dynamics AX combines the HR and payroll functionality we need, together with multilingual capabilities to support users in different countries."

    In Norway, IT employees at NCC Roads worked with Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Logica, a worldwide IT and management consultancy company, and expert in systems integration. The project team Implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX combined with Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006.

    Finance employees can now manage all the division's payroll functions in one integrated system using the payroll module. This handles all data, from time-entry to payislips, and includes complex calculations for benefits and deductions. Employees can update the cost price per hour for road materinals and services quickly and easily.

    Based on the success in Norway, the project was extended to Denmark where employees are enjoying the benefits from a further three modules:

    Shop Floor Control
    The project team customised this module so that the amount of time employees spend on activities, together with the cost of projects, is automatically sent to and displayes in the financial system. Each employee has a time profile schedule, and allocates costs on an hourly basis.

    Enterprise Portal
    Employees have personalised access to the portal where they can log attendance details and submit expense claims directly to th relevant departments.

    Human Resource Management
    Employees access a centralised, simple overview o organisational structure, and authorised personnel can view data on absences. Employee information-including contracts-is stored in a structured format so managers and HR teams can find the data they need at the touch of a button. In the future, NCC Roads plans to take advantage of training administration features, so that employees have easy access to course information.


    Managers and employees at NCC Roads now have automated processes for HR and finance activities, giving them more reliable data and time to spend on strategic tasks elsewhere in the business. Lund-Jensen says: " With Microsoft Dynamics AX we have successfull consolidated our financial and HR information. As a result, we have eliminated multiple data entryand improved data accuracy across Norway and Denmark."
    • Due to the success of the solurion in Denmark and Norway, NCC Roads plans to roll out Microsoft Dynamics AX across the rest of the business.
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed so that new sites and local functionality can be added easily. It supports the organisation's One Road strantegy, helping integrate additional countries cost-effectively.
    • Employees no longer need to manually enterdata, increasing employee productivity and eliminating the risk of human error.
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX is integrated with the mobile plaform used by employees in the field. Time reporting data sent from the mobile job reporting solution is processed in real-time and published to NCC Roads business systems for immediate follow up. With the integrated solution, no paper-based time reports are used in the process.
    • All employees have access to detailed organisational charts with information on employee expertise. With this data they can easily understand company structure and indentify competencies across the organisation.
    • Employees can enter expense claims directly into the finance system, saving valuable time for finance employees who can carry out value-added tasks elsewhere. Employees also receive expenses faster, resulting in increased satisfaction.
    • Managers have access to an overview of absences and absentee trends and can then take proactive steps in offering assistance to employees.
    • Employees can update hourly cost totals faster using the payroll module, giving finance workers the information they need immediately.
    • Accrate date analysis means managers have improved insight and can make better-informed business decisions.
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