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    Real Estate Developer Derives More Business and Customer Satisfaction

    Provident Housing, a real estate developer partnered with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, to give an impetus to growth by unifying its presales, sales and post sales on a common platform. This has resulted in more lead conversions, quicker processes and better customer satisfaction, which has increased returns on investment.


    Business Needs
    Provident Housing has seven projects spread across Bengaluru, Chennai, Mangalore and Coimbatore. Debananda Pati, Senior Vice President, Provident Housing says, “We implemented Ramco ERP and a facility management application to oversee our projects; however we felt the need for more dedicated customer care”.

    He continues “A single landline number for customer calls had four extensions. Anyone in presales, who answered the call, would capture the lead in her/ his individual Excel worksheet.” This resulted in lead duplications and poor customer management. “We realized more than half of the leads or inquiries at site visits to launches were lost. Obviously, this was lost opportunity and revenue. And cold calls were based on an employee’s individual style,” explains Babitha Raj, Manager-Pre-sales, Provident Housing.

    The company’s lead conversion ratio was as low as three percent. It also suffered delays due to lack of coordination between the pre-sales and sales teams. “Due to poor sales pipeline visibility and absence of real time data on the availability of condos,” recollects Debananda, “booking, blocking and allotment or cancellation issues surfaced. This started to adversely affect the sales team’s productivity and customer satisfaction.”

    Provident Housing then decided to look for technology solutions to manage customer issues more efficiently. “We started small with four to 10 phone lines and invested in a call center solution. With expansion to 50, we decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online,” explains Babitha. “On scaling up, the management decided to invest in a strong and robust CRM solution to support all aspects of sales, marketing and customer support.”

    Provident Housing evaluated Salesforce.com and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise solution. “We preferred to migrate to Dynamics CRM as it offered seamless integration with Ramco ERP and other apps that we had already implemented. Also, their ability to customize our requirements was a big positive,” says Debananda.

    The Implementation

    A highly skilled team from DreamOrbit Softtech Pvt Ltd, a Microsoft Certified Partner, deployed the solution in October 2012. “Initially for 10 users, we gradually scaled to more than 100 users in pre-sales, sales, post sales and customer care teams,” says Debananda. “Hosted on our in-premise data center it facilitates access to all the teams across the country, as well as the sales teams in Dubai, United Kingdom and United States.” DreamOrbit customized Dynamics CRM to integrate it with the existing ERP, and automated processes to fit the needs of the organization.

    New Features Assist Sales

    Identification of the type of customer is of paramount importance. Dynamics CRM includes different status codes for potential customer identification before and after site visits. “The classification aids pre-sales and sales teams in achieving a higher conversion rate, leading to higher revenue,” says Debananda. “Once Dynamics CRM was implemented we launched the Provident Sunworth project. We saw a steep rise in the number of leads with thousands of potential customers requesting site visits. Subsequently, we saw a faster conversion.”

    The solution proactively addresses inventory, online bookings with real time data. It blocks the apartment on partial payment or automatically releases it if the sale is not confirmed within a pre-defined time.

    Delivers Business Insight

    “We maximized value from our investment in CRM with seamless integration to Ramco ERP, facility management application and our customer portal,” states Monisha Aluvila, Head - Pre-sales, Provident Housing. It captures every lead, transfers it to pre-sales where the team gauges it for interest and budget and maps it to the appropriate project. The sales team picks up the qualified lead increasing the probability of converting it to business. In case it doesn’t convert, the lead is returned to pre-sales for future follow-ups. Monisha continues, “The solution acts as a mini ERP for us. As teams quickly access CRM on their smart phones, it significantly contributes on time responses. Privilege based access ensures data protection.”

    Dynamics CRM has become an integral component in devising Provident Housing’s business strategy while working on estimates, inventory, business-in-hand or expected revenue. Debananda says, “We generate data from CRM every hour to build reports. Soon we will generate dashboards and reports in CRM.” Provident Housing is also planning to integrate Oracle Financials to Dynamics CRM as and when deployed.

    Increases Conversion Ratio by 30 Percent

    New launches have seen a dramatic rise in leads. As Debananda explains, “Without changing the team size or accelerating marketing campaign, we captured 50 percent more leads within a period of six months. Similarly, streamlining the process of tracing leads from pre-sales to sales to post sales has improved the conversion rate by 30 percent.”

    Boosts Customer Satisfaction

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution captures the entire history of customer communication for future reference while masking confidential customer details. This helps to better manage individual client cases. The same agent responds to client queries in a timely fashion adding to customer satisfaction. “Word-of-mouth publicity works best in our business. We see that with many more new references now,” adds Debananda. He states that there has been a quantum leap in business with clients perceiving Provident Housing as a professional developer where their investment is secure.

    Ensures High Return on Investment

    “We manage three times the volume in comparison to our competitors,” says Debananda. “The return on investment is much higher even when you look at the marketing and CRM cost.”

    He concludes, “We aim to sell hundreds of thousands of apartments compared to a few thousands today. The solution is scalable and flexible. With little or no change in system it prepares us to meet our aggressive growth plans.”

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