QAD and MMOG/LE Version 4

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    The purpose of the MMOG/LE - Version 4 is to provide a single assessment tool that enables a comprehensive evaluation of MP&L performance and capability. The MMOG/LE tool enables organizations in the global automotive supply chain to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of its supply chain capability and performance.

    One of the major amendments incorporated into version 4 is the development of MMOG/LE "Basic" which is a filtered version of the "Full" MMOG/LE assessment, to be used by the tiered supply base to assess their sub-suppliers.

    The "Full" version 4 contains 197 MMOG/LE criteria. The "Basic" version 4 is a subset of the "Full" criteria within the same document, made available through the use of filters.

    This assessment tool can be used internally as a continuous improvement tool, or externally as your customers require. However, where required, it is imperative that an organization verifies with the customer whether the "Full" or "Basic" assessment is to be used.

    You can get more information about QAD and MMOG Version 4 on here

    You can see more demo QAD and MMOG V4 at QAD Exploer 2014 in USA

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    MMOG/LE Version 4 Roll-Out
    AIAG and Odette have announced the fourth-version release of a groundbreaking tool that improves global automotive supply chain performance called the Materials Management Operations Guideline/Logistics Evaluation (MMOG/LE). This latest revision provides for the first time, Full and Basic versions that gives lower-tier suppliers the ability to select the tool that best meets their needs.

    Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors will each give an update on their plans and timing for v4 at this Roll-Out Event.

    Join us for the roll-out of MMOG/LE version 4, and learn what's in it and how it's different from version 3.


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