SAS Demand Forecasting for Retail

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    Dự báo nhu cầu ngành bán lẻ

    SAS Demand Forecasting for Retail uses SAS software's unique, high-performance forecasting engine to automatically diagnose, model, execute and reconcile forecasts across multiple merchandise levels and locations.

    It allows the creation of forecast projects and manages forecasts with a built-in repository and versioning system.



    Drive better business results.
    Better forecasting and replenishment improve every aspect for your business and customers – better in-stock levels, reduce unneeded inventory and increase profit. More accurate demand forecasts improve stock ordering, delivery and replenishment.

    Leverage high scalability.
    SAS supports the entire retail organization down to the individual store SKU level, for all types of retailers.

    Improve planning with better demand signals.

    By seamlessly integrating with existing planning processes, SAS Demand Forecasting for Retail helps identify opportunities and improve profitability.

    Increase staff productivity and adoption.

    Straightforward interface and automated exception-based forecast management reduces the need for manual inputs and forecast updates.

    Increase forecast accuracy.

    SAS provides retailers with an unmatched library of models for industry that generate forecasts based on underlying trend, seasonality promotions, inventory effects and other known causal factors. Proprietary "best pick" functionality automates model selection.
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    Comprehensive retail capabilities

    • Robust library of retail models.
    • Event management and modeling.
    • Causal forecasting.
    • Easy use of merchandise and location filters, clusters and time events.
    • Access to forecast accuracy reports and metrics.
    • Statistical forecast generation at any level in the retail hierarchies.
    • New product forecasting.
    Visual demand shaping with “what-if” scenario analysis Price elasticity.
    • Calendar events.
    • Promotions.
    • Future price changes.
    • Hypothetical economic changes.
    • Competitor actions.
    Event modeling and management Capture and model moving holidays and calendar events.
    • Seasonality and calendar events estimated separately.
    • Automatically applies moving holiday effects to correct periods.
    • Event management console provided to create custom events.
    Causal forecasting
    • Automatic determination of significant causal factors.
    • Use of advanced time series regression models.
    • Captures multiple period effects.
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    Demo tính năng Forecast với SAS Visual Analytics


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