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    An integrated, market-driven approach to managing your supply chain

    Precise forecasting based on up-to-date, accurate data. Inventory that’s balanced with demand in near-real time. Supply plans aligned with demand forecasts. Our manufacturing solutions include demand-sensing and shaping capabilities for:

    • Demand-driven planning. Generate accurate forecasts at every level. Even for individual SKUs.
    • Multiechelon inventory optimization. Manage production and logistics to match fluctuating customer needs and changing marketplace dynamics.
    • Demand sensing and shaping. Translate demand signals – like seasonality, price, promotions, events and merchandising – into a more effective, market-driven response.
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    Quality assurance. Value insurance.

    A single view of quality across people, places and processes. In-depth knowledge of customer perceptions. And early detection of potential problems. Our manufacturing solutions include data mining and predictive analytics technologies that address:

    • Voice of the customer. Detect perceived quality and safety issues before they escalate.
    • Data integration. Get a single, comprehensive view of all quality-related data.
    • Total cost of quality. Reduce scrap and rework.
    • Predictive maintenance. Cut down on unscheduled maintenance.
    • Early issue warning. Quickly identify design and production defects before they become widespread.
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    Turn service into a profit center.

    Exceptional customer service and a positive brand image. Control over service costs. And a smarter approach to tackling service issues. Our manufacturing solutions help you detect, prioritize and define warranty and service issues as you manage:

    • Perceptual service quality. Integrate and analyze all types of external and internal data sources to understand and manage the perceived quality of your products.
    • Early-warning signals. Compare sentiments and set alerts before and after product launches.
    • Suspect claims detection. Identify potential fraud and reduce service costs through automated reviews of every claim.
    • Issue resolution analysis. Conduct efficient root-cause analyses with powerful filtering capabilities.
    • Service parts optimization. First-call fix with the right part and the right skills. Reduce stockouts and overages with accurate parts demand forecasting.
    • Asset utilization. Optimize asset performance by predicting failures and reducing unnecessary scheduled maintenance and increase productive uptime.
    • Contact center resource optimization. Make solid predictions of service volumes, and give managers and agents continuous feedback to improve the service experience.
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    Listen and learn. And improve your sales and marketing performance.

    Better customer profitability. Streamlined, consistent marketing processes. Along with outstanding brand image and product quality. Our manufacturing solutions help you collect, analyze and report on customer experiences as you manage:

    • Social media. Identify and harness top social network influencers and their communities.
    • Customer data. Gather all the right data – where and when you need it – from across the entire customer life cycle.
    • Customer segmentation. Know which customer groups are most likely to purchase your products and services – and why.
    • Marketing mix. Analyze, forecast and optimize your mix of advertising and promotions – through websites, emails, social media, forums and more.
    • Real-time decisions. Make the best offers to the right customers at the right time – in real time.
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    Keep data – and production – rolling smoothly.

    Data silos eliminated across your operations. Trustworthy, up-to-date data to guide every decision. And confident, immediate responses based on precise, real-time information. Our manufacturing solutions provide a single platform that lets you control, improve and analyze your data with capabilities for:

    • Master data management. Get a common, consistent – and trusted – view of data across all your applications, systems, plants and locations.
    • Data quality. Ensure clean, reliable data.
    • Data governance. Develop a consistent set of policies and processes for all your information.
    • Event stream processing. Derive immediate analytic insights from the real-time data streaming into your operations.

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