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SAS Visual Analytics cho ngành bảo hiểm

Discussion in 'Bảo hiểm' started by bsdinsight, Dec 19, 2014.

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    Pay-and-chase doesn't pay off. Stop fraud before money goes out the door.

    Reduced fraud-related losses. Fewer false positives. More accurate loss reserving. And greater investigator efficiency. SAS delivers insurance software that helps you detect, prevent and manage:

    • Claims fraud. Detect and prevent both opportunistic and professional fraud throughout the claims process.
    • Underwriting fraud. Prevent premium leakage at the point of sale and renewal.
    • Rate evasion. Spot rate evasion tactics during the quote process – before you issue a policy.

    Một giới thiệu giải pháp phân tích số liệu, business intelligence của SAS cho ngành bảo hiểm.

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  3. bsdinsight

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    Aim for growth. And hit your mark.

    New sales opportunities that lead to more valuable customer relationships. Proactive retention strategies that help you hold on to your most desirable customers. And reduced marketing costs. SAS delivers comprehensive insurance software with capabilities for:

    • Customer segmentation. Create more granular customer segments based on demographic, geographic, attitudinal and behavior data across your business.
    • Customer retention. Predict customer lapse, and create personalized campaigns designed to keep your most valuable customers from leaving.
    • Cross-sell and up-sell. Uncover new revenue opportunities. Predictive analytics enables you to forecast expected customer behavior and connect the right offers to the right customers. At the right time.
    • Marketing analytics. Understand your customers better than ever and drive your marketing efforts forward with a complete view of the customer across all products and distribution channels.
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    Better risk management. Faster compliance. No hesitation.

    A single system that lets you easily manage all your risk and compliance processes. An open, extensible means of measuring and managing the risks that affect your business. And the ability to easily communicate critical risk information to the right people within your organization. Our insurance software delivers comprehensive solutions for:

    • Solvency II. Accelerate Solvency II compliance by implementing a robust risk management solution that supports both standard and internal model approaches.
    • ORSA. Improve business decisions with an Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) framework by assessing your risk appetite and its impact over both short and medium term.
    • Regulatory reporting. Lower cost of compliance with intuitive reporting capabilities to easily disseminate risk information to regulators and senior management.
    • Firmwide risk. Reduce the impact of risks by applying advanced analytics that allows you to anticipate risks and initiate risk control measures to minimize losses.
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    Discover new opportunities. Solve more complex problems. Share insights.

    An intuitive, versatile analytics framework. The power to analyze, forecast and optimize your business processes. And better decisions based on facts, rather than gut feel. Our insurance software delivers powerful analytic capabilities that can help you with your most pressing issues, including:

    • Actuarial analysis and ratemaking. Create more competitive pricing models by using multivariate statistical techniques to increase rating granularity.
    • Claims analytics. Reduce loss ratios and lower loss-adjustment expenses by apply analytics across the entire claims process.
    • Distribution optimization. Get analytical insight into the predictive factors that maximize the performance of your multichannel distribution strategy.
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    Big data. Bigger advantage.

    More precise insights based on all available data – not just a subset. Fast answers to your most difficult questions. And more confident decision making. Our insurance software enables you to take full advantage of big data for:

    • Telematics. Visually explore billions of records and journey points. Weed out unimportant variables. And quickly develop, test and use the best modeling techniques to identify risk factors and create new pricing models.
    • Social media analysis. Listen to and monitor conversations about your company on social media and online channels. Add context to those conversations. And engage with customers on a more personal level than ever before.
    • Catastrophe modeling. Perform in-depth analyses in real time to assess the scope of a catastrophe. Then make critical decisions that could significantly affect your company’s long-term financial stability.
    • Risk analysis. Reduce the impact of risks on your business. Our advanced analytics let you anticipate enterprise risks and initiate risk control measures to minimize losses, before it's too late.
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    Video sau đây là câu chuyện thành công của khách hàng Reliance Life, một trong các công ty bảo hiểm nhân thọ hàng đầu của Ấn Độ đã thành công trong việc vận hành sản phẩm SAS để nâng cao hiệu quả công việc, và năng lực cạnh tranh của mình.


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