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SAS Visual Analytics for Capital Markets

Discussion in 'Bảo hiểm' started by bsdinsight, Dec 21, 2014.

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    SAS Visual Analytics cho thị trường vốn

    Explore aggregated risks visually. On demand.

    Easier risk data aggregation that’s powerful enough to pass regulatory muster. Smarter capital planning. And better risk management compared with your risk appetite. Our capital markets software delivers comprehensive solutions for analyzing and aggregating risk by type, including:

    • Market risk. Value a full range of market instruments, perform stress tests and optimize portfolios across the entire firm, and gain an enterprise view of market risk.
    • Credit risk. Manage counterparty exposures and CVA to achieve Basel compliance.
    • Liquidity risk. Optimize capital and funding, perform FTP and analyze hedging strategies with efficiency and accuracy.
    • Operational risk. Manage and value your operational and compliance risk.

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  3. bsdinsight

    bsdinsight Well-Known Member

    Rogue traders? Market abuse? Money laundering? Not anymore.

    Reduced exposure to fraud and financial crimes. Higher detection rates. Fewer false positives. And a deeper understanding of the nature of fraud and operational risks you face. Our capital markets software delivers proven surveillance and fraud solutions for:

    • Unauthorized/rogue trading. Monitor more transactions in less time and spot suspicious trades that would otherwise go unnoticed – all while reducing trading losses and regulatory fines.
    • Market abuse. Adopt superior surveillance techniques so you can detect and prevent market abuse across all trading desks.
    • Anti-money laundering. Detect, investigate and report on potential illicit activity using data and information from your fraud and security systems to reduce technology and investigation costs.
    • Payments fraud. Find payments fraud faster by scoring 100 percent of all transaction types in real time, for all your lines of business.
    • FATCA and customer due diligence. Fulfill your compliance obligations for FATCA and any other regulatory mandates while managing costs.
  4. bsdinsight

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    Make better-informed capital decisions. Fast.

    Better forward-looking projections of your capital requirements and its availability. Full compliance with global regulations – Basel III, CRD IV and CRR, CCAR and the EBA Capital Preservation. And risk-adjusted performance management (RAPM) that provides full regulatory transparency while aligning executive decisions on both risk and reward. Our capital markets software includes comprehensive solutions for:

    • Capital planning and allocation. Consolidate position and market data from around the world, and compute risk measures at multiple dimensions to get virtually unlimited perspectives on the allocation of capital relative to risk and return.
    • Risk-adjusted performance management. Continuously monitor asset performance and allocate capital to those areas of the business that are delivering a higher risk-adjusted return on capital.
    • Capital optimization. Optimize capital so you can respond quickly to market, capital and risk factor changes when they happen.
    • Scenario analysis. Use interactive scenario analysis to produce what-if scenarios based on the most complex portfolios, positions and instruments across multiple time horizons.
    • Risk and finance integration. Transform the investments you make for basic regulatory compliance into operational advantage by using the same data and IT infrastructure to improve your operations and profitability.
  5. bsdinsight

    bsdinsight Well-Known Member

    Better data, better decisions. It's that simple.

    A single data management platform for risk, regulatory compliance, fraud and operations. High-quality data that’s consistent, accurate, verifiable and up-to-date. Less time spent managing data, and more time spent exploring new ideas and opportunities. SAS offers the most comprehensive data management capabilities available, including:

    • Data quality. Ensure clean, reliable data.
    • Data access. Get the data you need, when you need it, wherever it resides.
    • Event stream processing. Derive immediate analytic insights from the real-time data streaming into your firm.
    • Master data management. Merge core data assets from across the firm into a unified, trusted view.
    • Data governance. Develop a consistent set of policies and processes for all your corporate information.
    • Data federation. Simplify administration and security with virtual data environment.
  6. bsdinsight

    bsdinsight Well-Known Member

    See the opportunities hidden in your data. And seize the moment.

    More accurate, precise insights based on all available data. Fast answers to even the most complex questions – no IT assistance required. Real-time access, via PC or tablet, to insights based on the latest data. We deliver unmatched data visualization capabilities for:

    • Big data analytics. Tackle your most difficult and challenging business problems using high-performance analytics to get timely and accurate insights using data mining and predictive analytics, text mining, forecasting and optimization on big data.
    • Real-time visualization. Visually explore and analyze large data sets – with millions to billions of rows of data – in seconds. Automatic charting capabilities enable fast, easy creation of box plots, correlations, binning and distributions, word clouds and network diagrams (for unstructured data), etc.
    • Sentiment analysis. Understand customers’ sentiments about your firm with real-time analysis of social data streams.
    • Risk aggregation. Aggregate risk exposures and interactively analyze, explore and drill down to business unit, desk, portfolio, instrument or horizon levels.
    • Trading surveillance. Analyze data in seconds, and explore the results visually so you can spot trends and patterns easily and identify instances that require further analysis.

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