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    Deeper insight into customers. And every aspect of your business.

    Better decisions within tight time frames. Superior financial results, even when you have overlapping legacy systems. And true business transformation from stronger customer relationships, more profitable growth and unique competitive advantage. We deliver comprehensive retail analytics that address all your essential retail business functions, including:

    • Marketing. Gain in-depth customer insight. And use that knowledge to plan and execute more relevant, targeted, personalized customer communications across all channels.
    • Merchandising. Create accurate merchandise plans that optimize every item across all stores and channels.
    • Operations. Discover and adopt new – and sustainable – ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness across all elements of your operations – structure, staff, processes, tools, metrics, etc.
    • Supply chain. Get the right products to the right locations in the right quantities – and at the right time.
    • Finance. Improve all aspects of your organization's financial health.

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    Know exactly what customers want. And make sure they get it.

    A better understanding of customers – their preferences, buying behaviors and what they are thinking (and saying) about your brand. The ability to use that insight in your merchandising and marketing decisions. And better customer acquisition, stronger customer loyalty and increased profitability as a result. We deliver retail analytics that include capabilities that enable:

    • A complete view of the customer. Create a single view of each customer – one that includes preferences, propensities, transaction history and social media interactions – across brands and merchandise.
    • The ability to predict customer behavior. Use predictive analytics to gain insights into the major factors that influence customer satisfaction, long-term relationships and sales results.
    • Omnichannel marketing. Gain a richer, more meaningful omnichannel customer understanding so you can put customer intimacy at the heart of your retail operations.
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    Right merchandise, right stores. Right when the customer is ready to buy.

    The best-fit assortment for all your channels. Strategic store clusters that ensure effective allocation and replenishment. And better inventory management overall. SAS delivers solutions specifically designed for retail that include capabilities for:

    • Merchandise financial planning. Plan and manage sales, margin and inventory turns across all categories and channels.
    • Merchandise in-season management. Set data-driven financial performance goals and match inventory to in-season demand. Then review performance data and adjust merchandise forecasts as needed in response to changes in demand patterns and inventory conditions.
    • Merchandise assortment planning. Build product assortments that have the ideal breadth and depth so you can match customer needs while simultaneously supporting your financial goals.
    • Allocation. Analyze store-specific needs and optimally distribute inventory across all your retail outlets.
    • Demand forecasting. Generate forecasts and automate in-season reforecasting so you can intelligently build assortments and prepopulate “seed” plans using product and store attributes.
    • Store clustering and assortment localization. Identify clusters based on actual sales history, and focus assortment planning activities on the most significant store groups. Add customer preferences to your analyses to make local assortments a reality.
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    More accurate forecasts. Down to the individual store level.

    Accurate forecasts at the SKU, store or daily level. Maximum stock coverage at minimum cost. And more balanced inventory levels. Our retail analytics solutions include capabilities that enable:

    • Better forecasts. Understand demand better than ever with a powerful and highly automated forecasting solution that can produce results down to the individual store and SKU level.
    • Better planning. You can seamlessly integrate our forecasting solution into your existing planning processes to quickly and easily identify opportunities and improve profitability.
    • Better business results overall. Improve every aspect of your business with better forecasting and replenishment. That means more sufficient in-stock levels, less wasted inventory and greater profits.
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    Right price. Right place. Right time.

    The right price for every product in every store, at every stage of the product’s life cycle, for every type of retailer. Pricing and clearance strategies that boost sales, gross margins, customer satisfaction and profitability – without putting your business at risk. And the ability to react quickly to product performance, market opportunities and competitive actions. Our retail analytics solutions take the guesswork out of pricing with:

    • Regular price optimization. Set the best price for every item you sell based on multiple factors – the competition, your goals, business rules, ad placement, etc. – at a customer, market or store level. React quickly – and correctly – to changes in the market (e.g., when a competitor changes prices).
    • Promotion optimization. Deliver the most compelling and profitable customer-centric promotions. Use demand modeling and forecasting to optimize both promotional price and ad placement to capture a bigger share of your customer’s wallet.
    • Markdown optimization. Develop well-thought-out markdown plans. Make critical markdown decisions quickly. And maximize margins and inventory sell-through.

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