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Discussion in 'Đại lý xe' started by bsdinsight, Dec 21, 2014.

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    Understand your customers. Accelerate your growth.

    Better customer profitability. Streamlined, consistent marketing processes. Along with outstanding brand image and product quality. Our automotive solutions help you collect, analyze and report on customer experiences as you manage:

    • Customer data. Gather all the right data – where and when you need it – from across the entire customer life cycle.
    • Marketing mix. Analyze, forecast and optimize your mix of advertising and promotions – through websites, emails, social media, forums and more.
    • Social media analytics. Identify and harness top social network influencers and their communities.
    • Customer segmentation. Know which customer groups are most likely to purchase your products and services, and why.
    • Real-time decisions. Make the best offers to the right customers at the right time.

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  3. bsdinsight

    bsdinsight Well-Known Member

    Quality is essential. Get it right, and reap the rewards.

    A single, enterprise view of quality. In-depth knowledge of customer perceptions. And early detection of potential problems. Our automotive solutions can help you protect your brand, preserve customer satisfaction and maintain high product quality by taking into account:

    • Customer insights. Protect your brand equity by listening to all your customers, across all the channels.
    • Data mining and integration. Get one view of all quality-related data.
    • Total cost of quality. Reduce scrap and rework.
    • Predictive maintenance. Reduce unplanned maintenance and develop sustainable maintenance strategies that minimize production disruptions.
    • Warranty claims analytics. Identify and act on emerging issues before they become huge, costly problems.
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    Better insights. Better service. Delighted customers.

    Remarkable customer service and a positive brand image. Control over service costs. And a smarter approach to tackling service issues. Our automotive solutions help you detect, prioritize and define warranty and service issues as you manage:

    • Perceptual service quality. Integrate and analyze all types of external and internal data sources to understand and manage the perceived quality of your products.
    • Early issue detection. Compare sentiments and set alerts before and after product launches.
    • Fast issue resolution analysis. Run efficient root-cause analyses with powerful filtering capabilities.
    • Service parts optimization. Reduce stockouts and overages with accurate parts demand forecasting.
    • Asset optimization. Understand the impact of reliability and maintenance costs.
    • Suspect claims detection. Identify data entry errors and noncompliant activity to reduce service costs through automated reviews of every claim.
    • Contact center resource optimization. Reveal service drivers, make solid predictions of service volumes and improve customer satisfaction while lowering service costs.
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    Make your lending options crystal-clear. And lightning-fast.

    Well-informed lending decisions. Higher revenues and fewer delinquencies. And an optimized risk portfolio. Our automotive solutions include mathematical optimization to consider all factors and help you with:

    • Customer acquisition. Attract and retain more of the right customers.
    • Consumer and commercial credit scoring. Integrate credit scoring and internal rating processes with your overall credit portfolio risk assessment.
    • Loan monitoring. Monitor and manage the loan process from origination to servicing and collections.
    • Collections. Use the most effective collections technique for each borrower, and make the most of your collections resources.
    • Charge-offs. Reduce charge-offs by knowing which borrowers will respond and which communication channels offer the highest return.
    • Regulatory compliance. Meet reporting and risk disclosure requirements for a wide variety of regulations.
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    What you need. When you need it.

    Precise forecasting. Inventory that’s balanced with demand in near-real time. And perfectly aligned supply plans. Our automotive solutions deliver capabilities for:

    • Demand-driven planning. Generate accurate inventory forecasts at every level, even for individual SKUs.
    • Demand sensing and shaping. Translate demand signals like seasonality, price, promotions, events and merchandising into a more effective market-driven response.
    • Service parts optimization. Hone stocking levels to improve fill rates while reducing returns and idle inventory.

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