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    Sport Business Analytics
    Using Data to Increase Revenue and Improve Operational Efficiency

    Developing and implementing a systematic analytics strategy can result in a sustainable competitive advantage within the sport business industry. This timely and relevant book provides practical strategies to collect data and then convert that data into meaningful, value-added information and actionable insights. Its primary objective is to help sport business organizations utilize data-driven decision-making to generate optimal revenue from such areas as ticket sales and corporate partnerships. To that end, the book includes in-depth case studies from such leading sports organizations as the Orlando Magic, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Duke University, and the Aspire Group.

    The core purpose of sport business analytics is to convert raw data into information that enables sport business professionals to make strategic business decisions that result in improved company financial performance and a measurable and sustainable competitive advantage. Readers will learn about the role of big data and analytics in:

    – Ticket pricing
    – Season ticket member retention
    – Fan engagement
    – Sponsorship valuation
    – Customer relationship management
    – Digital marketing
    – Market research
    – Data visualization

    This book examines changes in the ticketing marketplace and spotlights innovative ticketing strategies used in various sport organizations. It shows how to engage fans with social media and digital analytics, presents techniques to analyze engagement and marketing strategies, and explains how to utilize analytics to leverage fan engagement to enhance revenue for sport organizations.

    Filled with insightful case studies, this book benefits both sports business professionals and students. The concluding chapter on teaching sport analytics further enhances its value to academics.

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