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tips for foreigners successfully purchasing houses in vietnam

Discussion in 'Bất động sản' started by bsdinsight, Feb 6, 2017.

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    Law on Housing 2014 of Vietnam provide new provisions to facilitate foreigners in purchasing houses in Vietnam. Foreigners is recommended to consider the 05 major changes mentioned below prior entering into the transaction:

    Conditions:Foreign individuals who are allowed to enter Vietnam
    Noted: Foreign individuals must reside in Vietnam for more than 01 year.

    Type of Housing
    : all types including apartment and house
    Noted: Before only applied to apartment

    Limitation of Housing:No limitation for foreign individual. However, all foreignersmay not buy, rent and purchase, receive, inherit and own more than 30% of apartments in an apartment building; or more than 250 houses regarding separate houses including villas, row houses in an area whose population is equivalent to a ward-administrative division.
    Noted: Before, a foreigner is only allowed to purchase 01 apartment in Vietnam

    Objectives of Housing:Foreign individuals might rent, purchase, inherit or mortgage
    Noted: Before, foreign individual may only purchase houses for residence.

    Term of Ownership: The foreign individuals are eligible for the homeownership as agreed in agreements on housing sale, lease purchase, gifting, or inheritance for not more than 50 years, from the day on which they are granted the Certificate and they may be also granted extension up to 70 years.
    If a foreign individual marries to a Vietnamese citizen or an oversea Vietnamese, he/she qualifies for stable and long-term homeownership and has all rights of homeowner similarly to Vietnamese citizens

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