Top 5 retail challenges for promotion management

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    For our research to find the biggest challenges for promotion management, we ask you to engage. Please leave a reply to this post with your top 5 of the list below. If you face other challenges, don't hesitate to share. Thanks for your contribution!

    In random order:

    1. Technology: we have implemented a new back-office system to define promotions, but our registers can’t handle these promotions.
    2. Time-to-market: if the marketing department devises new innovative promotions, it costs a lot of money and takes weeks to build these into the software.
    3. Upsell and cross-sell: we can’t provide relevant upsell and cross-sell information on the register to the attendant in our stores, or to the on-line shopper in the web store.
    4. High investments: to be able to process promotions, we have to replace our registers, which requires high investments, takes a long time to implement, is a high risk project and has a long term return on investment.
    5. Speed updates: speed updates of promotions require a shift-on/shift-off or restart of all registers to activate updated promotions.
    6. Customer experience: we can’t offer our customers the same promotion experience in store as on our on-line channels.
    7. Insight: our attendants apply discounts for promotions manually. As a result, we have no insight in effectiveness of promotions or maybe we are vulnerable to fraud.
    8. Promotion howlers: promotions are not well tested before go-live, resulting in wrong results like: “buy two articles, pay for three” or “receive a computer for free when you buy a printer”.
    9. Limited: our promotion tools are not able to define new innovative promotions which are devised by our marketing department.
    10. Returns: if a customer returns an article, we are not able to reapply the same promotion as when the article was bought.
    11. Churn: our customers go to the competition because their promotions are more compelling than ours.
    12. Performance on-line: processing of promotions takes too long on my digital channel, causing on-line shoppers to abandon before buying.
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