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    Trelleborg Engineered Systems has a history of using ERP systems. With iStone Mercator's help, the company is now setting a new global standrd for its operations with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

    Earlier, when the business area operated as Trelleborg Building Systems, it had started to coordinate different ERP systems to package a single system. The first pilot systems with Microsoft Dynamics AX were installed in Denmark, and in Hoganas, Swenden, in 2005. When Trelleborg Building Systems was later merged with Trelleborg Engineered Systems, the newly formed company continued on the same beaten path. Trelleborg Enineered Systems also started to make several more installations, but experienced a few problens. The product was not completely finished at the time, but it has been upgraded and built out on a gradual basis.

    " What's good about the system, other than its functionality, is its implementation cost," says Jan T Pettersson, BA IT Manager for Trelleborg Engineered Systems. " That's why we made a strategic decision: as soon as a system had to be changed at another location, we decided it would most likely involve a change to Microsoft Dynamics AX. We usually say that we change systems 'as and when required'."

    Trelleborg Axapata Core is a slightly modified version of Microsoft Dynamics AX. It encompasses basically all the company's enterprise resources, such as purchasing, production, order processing, inventory control, projects and CRM. The template also provides support for reporting on a consodated basis to the Trelleborg Group. The system is used virtually for managing all operations, with the expection od service orfers. Trelleborg, Axapata Core is maintained by Mercator, which also has a Helpdesk cotract with Trelleborg Engineered Systems.

    Mercator participates in all rollouts of core. When installations are made far from the home base, or in areas where knowledge of English might be weak, they are often made in collaboration with a local implementer in order to avoid any confusion of language. Systems that are replaced can be local systems, or in some cases, older versions of Movex.

    Goal is to have everyone on the same level

    " When converting from Movex, we usw Smart Move, a tool for migrating from Movex or ASW," says Mats Nyholm, CEO of iStone Mercator.

    " We are currently running Microsoft Dynamics AX in ten European countries, at a total of 14 sites," continues Jan T Pettersson. " At the moment, we are discussing, and in some cases, actually planning to add several more sites, for example, in China, India and several other countries. The goal is to have everyone on the same level - with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 - and to upgrade the systems afterwards on a continuous basis. Earlier implementations have been upgraded from Version 4 to Version 2009."

    As a result of using Microsoft Dynamics AX, all of Trelleborg's systems can be standardized. " That creates synergies and provides a solid platform for the type of inter-company transaction we conduct within our business area," says Jan Pettersson.

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