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    Tridel Corporation
    Tridel Builds Cross-Company Sales and Marketing Collaboration with Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Tridel has a long and proud history of innovation in construction and design. Established in the 1950’s, Tridel has grown into a thriving group of companies, and has become the industry leader in condominium development. The enterprise employs some of Canada's top designers, planners and construction experts who ensure that every Tridel building is state of the art, and built to meet the needs of those who live in them.


    Business Needs
    In the building industry, the name Tridel is synonymous with luxury condominium living. The firm develops award-winning condominium communities and homes in the greater Toronto area. As each project is initiated, Tridel sets up a unique company to manage all aspects of the building process and beyond: land acquisition, zoning, design, marketing, construction, customer care and property management.

    More than 400 distinct legal entities – and counting – have been established to run Tridel’s various projects. But the company’s aging enterprise resource planning (ERP) system had limited capabilities and was becoming increasingly difficult to support. Tridel faced a daunting task: find a new solution – and a technology partner – to help migrate 30 years’ worth of historical data and streamline the company’s operations.

    Tridel’s CIO, Ted Maulucci, explains, “Our enterprise system was not tuned to how our company is set up. We needed to achieve compliance across our organization and find a system that would help us deal with the challenges of cross-company accounting.”

    Based on an extensive evaluation, Tridel chose Microsoft Dynamics AX as its new enterprise system. Microsoft Dynamics partner Avanade was selected to perform the Dynamics AX 2009 implementation and subsequent upgrade to Dynamics AX 2012. In fact, Tridel was the first North American enterprise to upgrade from Dynamics AX 2009 to AX 2012.

    Another item on Tridel’s technology wish list was a customer relationship management (CRM) solution to boost efficiency and improve the customer experience. The process of purchasing a condo unit that hasn’t yet been built doesn’t happen overnight – it can take up to three years from the time a customer invests in a unit to the date they move in – and a lot of information is accumulated along the way. Customer care workers did not have a 360-degree view of customers and communication tracking was inefficient. Sales, marketing and customer care employees were using spreadsheets and manual processes to keep tabs on opportunities and issues.

    An RFP was issued and Microsoft Dynamics CRM was chosen for several reasons. It integrates well with Tridel’s other Microsoft solutions and offers many social, mobile, analytic, reporting and advanced marketing capabilities. Again, Avanade was selected to deploy the CRM system.

    The decision to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX was a group effort. Accounting staff from various areas – construction, corporate, and other Tridel entities – developed a requirements document and performed an evaluation of ERP solutions. Total cost of ownership was a major consideration, while configurability and migration complexity were also taken into account.

    Avanade completed a proof of concept and implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, which included migration of some of Tridel’s 400 companies and 206 users. As part of the project, Avanade trained Tridel IT staff to be self-sufficient with the migration process. When Microsoft introduced Dynamics AX 2012, Tridel invited Avanade to evaluate the option of upgrading to the new version – and the upgrade was performed in just eight weeks.

    Dynamics AX 2012 provides Tridel with two front ends: a rich client that can be installed on any computer and used like an app, and a web-based enterprise portal that sits on Tridel’s existing SharePoint platform.

    “We’re seeing solid business case after solid business case that prove the power of Dynamics AX. It’s opened up opportunities for Tridel to solve a number of issues,” Maulucci says.

    When it came to evaluating CRM technologies, Tridel gathered users from customer care, sales and marketing to compare Microsoft Dynamics CRM with other CRM systems in the market. Ultimately, end users and IT staff clearly preferred the Dynamics CRM solution. The Avanade team, including offshore resources, performed phase one of the Dynamics CRM on premise deployment in six months, bringing on sales, marketing and customer care employees. The CRM system has been widely embraced by users. Adoption and satisfaction rates are high.

    “Dynamics CRM matches what we want to do, integrates well with our existing Microsoft platform, and the roadmap is very good. There are ancillary tools to help us with marketing campaigns and social integration,” comments Maulucci.

    The Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM system allows Tridel to:

    • Streamline financial systems across the enterprise and easily build meaningful reports
    • Accurately track project costs and profitability (site supervisors can effectively manage changes as they happen at build sites)
    • Improve the rate of sales and marketing success through sales force automation
    • Empower customers to self-schedule appointments, freeing up customer care staff for other responsibilities
    • Automate customer care communications to deliver greater efficiency and cost savings
    • Provide staff with a single view of the customer
    Maulucci adds, “Now that we have access to sales and marketing data, we can identify bottlenecks in sales and take next steps like social listening. The data also helps us demonstrate the value of the investment to senior executives in a quantifiable way.”

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