Victrex improves sales effectiveness with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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    Victrex is the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance polymers. Victrex comprises two divisions: Victrex Polymer Solutions, which focuses on transport, industrial, and electronics markets; and Invibio Biomaterial Solutions, which focuses on providing specialist solutions for medical device manufacturers.


    Against a backdrop of continued economic instability, Victrex continues to buck the market trend with continued year-on-year revenue growth. But despite the positive performance and outlook, not every opportunity for growth was being exploited, due largely to the legacy CRM’s inability to provide instantaneous real-time account intelligence.

    Business need
    As is common with many CRM implementations, Victrex’s growth and business evolution had outstripped the functionality of the existing Saratoga CRM and it was no longer providing the value needed from a modern CRM. James Fleming, Group IT Director states, “We evaluated the current CRM system, it was pretty old and heavily reliant on IT to keep it breathing and to provide any reasonable source of flexibility.”

    Fleming and his team were spending too much time firefighting and building custom reports, in fact it took 1.5 full-time heads just to keep the CRM system working at its existing levels of capability, “We found ourselves having to write functionality that was already standard in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.”

    Victrex were drawn to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, supplied and supported by Microsoft Partner Zero2Ten. Its integration capabilities enabled Victrex to implement a system where existing applications such as sales order processing, invoicing, BI and marketing would talk to each other. Fleming says, “We were essentially looking for something with more functionality. Microsoft Dynamics was something I was already familiar with so it made sense to look there first, once we did, we never looked back.” With the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, Fleming has now been able to reduce the resource requirement to 0.5 of a full-time head and this is simply to manage new projects. “Ultimately I’ve been able to shift the focus of my time from being reactive to proactive,” adds Fleming.

    Greater insight, greater control
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM has enhanced Victrex’s ability to take advantage of new business opportunities, ably supported with the tools needed to measure, manage and track all engagement processes. “The insight we’re now able to gather is helping us identify changing market trends and spot new opportunities,” comments Fleming.

    This will prove vital in supporting Victrex’s plans to extend their operation into the emerging markets of India, Russia and Brazil. “The key has been the agility of the project delivery, moving away from a traditional approach and focusing on addressing the real business challenges.”

    Reduced cost
    With the CRM focused IT headcount that Fleming has been able to free up, Victrex has been able to save £35,000 per year in resource alone. Fleming says, “Over time it’s certainly going to further release the resource requirement on IT and allow people to become much more autonomous with the way they consume information.”

    Company-wide adoption
    Gaining large scale adoption was essential if the CRM was going to become a valid tool for supporting the key business drivers. “Zero2Ten has helped us with a lot of the ideas around how best to manage the internal adoption process,” Fleming comments. Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s integration with Outlook also means Victrex’s staff don’t have to use a separate system. Calendar and contact management is simplified via sync functionality. Fleming continues, “Zero2Ten’s experience has been invaluable in helping guide us around what will and won’t work and has resulted in Microsoft Dynamics CRM becoming the first application staff open up in the morning.”

    A key requirement for Victrex was to ensure that the internal team were sufficiently skilled on the solution so as to be able to manage it themselves once the project had finished. “Zero2Ten are very much about making sure that we are as self-sufficient as we can be. They spent the time training up our guys to ensure there was a very smooth hand-over.”

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